Glowering in a sentence 🔊

Short Sentences for Glowering

1. Lies by her, glowering through his shaggy hair. 🔊

2. Perhaps the glowering skies made postponement easy. 🔊

3. He paused, glowering at me uncertainly, and did not speak. 🔊

4. Van der Welcke was sitting glowering in the smoking-room. 🔊

5. Voorhis pulled himself together, glowering at the insurance man. 🔊

6. As he stood glowering over the prostrate tree, he heard his name called. 🔊

7. The Judge, glowering dubiously at them, demanded to know what it was. 🔊

8. They turned into a tea-shop in Coventry Street, and he sat glowering at her. 🔊

How to use Glowering in Sentences?

1. For a breathless moment he stood there, glowering down at the shrinking wretch on the floor. 🔊

2. He began to stuff tins into the mouth of the meal-sack, glowering at the ancient pauper. 🔊

3. The men tumbled out of their bunks with surly, glowering faces and with scarcely a word spoken. 🔊

4. He ground his teeth, glowering at her, and wound her halter rope about his smarting hand. 🔊

5. Lambert beat down the defiant, red-balled glowering eyes with one brief, straight look. 🔊

6. We had been given our seats at a table by the waiter; suddenly we found the three old ladies had surrounded us and were glowering down at us. 🔊

7. To me he was sullen, after an attempt at insolence, and sat glowering across the water, meditating revenge. 🔊

8. When he heard her voice he shut his lips on others, but they welled up in his eyes, glowering furiously on the culprit from the jut of drawn brows. 🔊