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How To Use Glowingly In A Sentence?

  • Aristide glowingly accepted the invitation and cast a look of triumph around the cafe.
  • I freely concede the desirability of the results, which you have so glowingly pictured.
  • The Louvre had been glowingly described to him by his old drawing-master at Cherbourg.
  • His great hairy paws clutched at imaginary riches when he spoke glowingly of the plundering to follow.
  • She recovered rapidly, all her being revivified and reinforced, coming back glowingly to a mature beauty.
  • Her hair was more brilliantly black; her eyes more sparklingly blue; her lips more glowingly carmine.
  • We were on the eastern side, and the deep-red sky of a departed sunset over the other shore, was reflected glowingly on the water.
  • And the sun grows stronger and stronger, burns sharply in my temples, seethes fiercely and glowingly in my emaciated brain.
  • All this was glowingly set forth by the courtly superintendent, who, though but three months in the country, is already at heart a Coloradan.

Definition of Glowingly

While giving off a glow. | With enthusiastic praise.
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