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  • Even when the gnats got to feeding more in the ordinary way, they did it nervously.
  • The horses moved in step snorting and shaking their heads from the gnats and flies.
  • These kinds of gnats are usually seen early in spring hovering in swarms in mid air.
  • The bullets hummed in the distance like gnats and flies, or passed near with a terrible whizz.
  • I have long ago related my sufferings from gnats in the course of my Lapland expedition.
  • He was sitting on a water-lily leaf, he and his friend the dragon-fly, watching the gnats dance.
  • We got out; Kondrat led the cart into the bushes, so that the gnats should not bite the horses.
  • As when a swarme of gnats at eventide Out of the fennes of Allan do arise.
  • Even the gnats that swarm on the Shire River are collected by the natives and pressed into cakes.
  • If the Egyptians consecrated cats and gnats they also sculptured Isis and Osiris.
  • In the blue and sunny sky; And the gnats are on the wing, Wheeling round in airy ring.
  • The gnats got through with their building, and went off for a holiday until it should be time to begin brooding.
  • Then it leaped into the bed and hunted up some nits and gnats in the folds of the linen, which it devoured.
  • Buffalo gnats and tsetse were very troublesome on this march, owing to the numerous herds of game in the vicinity.
  • It was interesting to see how the jaunty indifferent gnats would act when settling down to plain matters of business.
  • The trail led by morass and fallen timber, and it was the season of stinging gnats and breathless days.
  • Adelle did not think much about the matter, accepting it as a necessity, like gnats or drought or flood.
  • In our squadron, which stood motionless, there was such silence that the buzzing of horse-flies and gnats could be heard.
  • Some of them were horse-flies, as large as humble-bees; and others were different species of gnats and musquitoes.
  • Painted butterflies and gnats circled in the warm air; green lizards gamboled among the rocks that cut the turf.
  • About her head a swarm of gnats is dancing, which, illuminated by the sun, seem to hover above her like an aureole.
  • When the gnats got to brooding, many of the same pretty performances were repeated that had marked the first nest of all, up in the sand ditch.
  • In each of these pleasures that seems to us so simple, floats a swarm of hopes and memories, like the gnats in a summer twilight.
  • A pair of hang-birds had built there before the gnats came, and now two more families had come, making four for the big oak.
  • The soaring kites that were a mile away seemed suddenly close, passing in a moment from the size of gnats to birds with a fabulous stretch of wing.
  • It is related that gnats entered Nimrod's brain, causing the membrane to grow larger.
  • From my position at the big oak I could see that the gnats were carrying the frame of the old house to a small oak in the brush.
  • Only the gnats were busy; they danced and danced till Bevis thought they must be dizzy, just over the water.
  • Little wagtails ran nimbly about the lawn uttering their shrill "quit, quit," and catching as they ran the gnats and other insects.
  • In the blue and sunny sky; And the gnats are on the wing, Wheeling round in airy ring.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gnats | Gnats Sentence

  • Only the gnats and flies?
  • Why, it is only the gnats and flies.
  • The sleeping Pomyeshchick From gnats and mosquitoes.
  • The sleeping Pomy├Ęschick From gnats and mosquitoes.
  • They had hunting falcons and dogs about as large as gnats and fleas.
  • The mosquitoes and gnats were also bad and bothered them not a little.
  • All manner of tiny flies and gnats chased each other in the lurid light.
  • Now it sounds like the gnats on a summer's evening.
  • Culicifuge: any preparation for driving away gnats or mosquitoes.
  • The water-beetles and gnats were jumbled together in one muddy mass.

Definition of Gnats

plural of gnat
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