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  • We will go across the park.
  • Want to go across with me and meet the general?
  • So we go across with him to the big shed.
  • They all wanted to go across to the salt water.
  • Could she go across to that camp and ask help?
  • I hope we shall go across the Atlantic.
  • He nodded, and left the mess-room, to go across the yard.
  • She would go across and pay the Dutch camp a visit.
  • Steward wished to go across the river, and I went with him.
  • I suppose lots of Italians go across to Tunis from Genoa.
  • He did not go across Luachair, indeed, into West Munster.
  • My father wouldn't go across the street to see me.
  • She must go across at once to the Raastads' and ask.
  • Some things are to go across the creek to Lewston's house.
  • She would go across the Park, she decided, and have her cry out.
  • Atkins, you and Friday go across ag'in an' stand by to ketch him.
  • They watched Spence go across to Sir Robert's table.
  • Turn off there, go across the mountain and you'll find your camp.
  • Let us go across the road and get some tea before we go home," she suggested.

How To Use Go Across In A Sentence?

  • I looked cautiously over the balustrade, and saw two men go across to the room on the left.
  • After a while I shall go across the ocean, and you will grow up to be a young woman.
  • In describing the Cincinnati suspension bridge, it says that trains go across on it.
  • So his father allowed him to go across the firth to an English town called Whitehaven.
  • As we are nearing the time when we shall go across I thought I would mention it.
  • Asher and the men had to go across the river early to look after the fences and washouts on the lower quarter.
  • We found a wharf and warehouse at the lake, and a steamer lay there all ready to go across to the other side.
  • She stood at the window, and saw him go across the lawn and under the bare branches of the trees down into the wood.
  • She thanked him for the kindly warning and later told of the call that came to her to go across the river, and what happened.
  • For seventeen miles of the distance the guards had from time to time to go across the fields to get past the deep snowdrifts.
  • In attempting to go across he appears to have got lost and mired in a bog where his lifeless corpse was discovered yesterday morning.
  • They go across to the cowshed, and there's cow and calf to show, and an ox to boot.
  • Only when the earth became mucky and stuck constantly to his hoe, did he leave his work and go across the field toward the barn.
  • I used to get up first in the morning, go across the hall and hold my hand under that cold ice water till it was numb.
  • He looked like a prince; but he could 'a' bitten a board nail because he never got to go across the water.
  • The day on which I was to go across the great swathe of the front to the first-line trenches dawned cool and sunny.
  • I think that I shall go across to the major, and ask him to give me a fortnight's leave.
  • Unluckily, instead of stopping here we go across the river and anchor at Yenangyaung, where there is a very strong smell of something.
  • But Egbert called back in reply that there was no danger, that he could go across alone, and so went boldly over.
  • At about 1 a.m. a Sergeant got up to put the nose-bag on his horse, as a patrol was to go across the river at 3.
  • You get over the stone-wall, and go across one field, and you come to it," remarked Harriet.
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