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  • Now go below and change your clothes.
  • At night you must go below to sleep.
  • We'll go below and see what I've got.
  • Blackstone, go below and pipe Captain Cook on deck.
  • Let's go below and have a look at the chart.
  • The stains of whitewash never go below the floor level of the second story.
  • Men in uniform at gangway, directing everyone to go below and get billeted.
  • All were soon dressed, and Dave, Roger, and Phil started to go below together.

How To Use Go Below In A Sentence?

  • Shortly after this Stubbs left the two men to go below and look after his charges.
  • And now, if you will kindly help me, I think I had better go below and lie down for awhile.
  • As nobody dared to go below to dispose of them properly, they were reduced to lint in a few minutes.
  • All we ask is that you will not go below the minimum we have named, and the more you exceed it the better we shall be pleased.
  • With one of his formal bows he said that he must go below to make the ladies understand the arrangements contemplated for them.
  • She had seen the doctor and the priest slip from the twins' room in the texas and go below aft.
  • In spite of the receipt of a severe wound in the knee, the admiral refused to go below until victory was assured.
  • In spite of the receipt of a severe wound in the knee, the admiral refused to go below until victory was assured.
  • Some, thinking themselves still aboard the frigate, asked for their hammock, that they might go below to sleep.
  • Twice had Norah come to her door to summon her to supper before she felt composed enough to go below among her guests.
  • Bill, who smokes more matches than tobacco, has had to go below so often to light his pipe, that he has decided to do without smoking on deck.
  • First, it must not go below the boiling point, just a gentle bubbling, and, second, after once started, no water should be added.
  • He had no alternative but to go below again; but this he had to do as gingerly as possible, for otherwise the submarine would have wrapped herself up in the net still more.
  • The mate jumped into her with four men, and Thompson went to the break of the poop and told me I could go below to supper.
  • As I paced the deck, not willing to go below while my young favorite was in peril, Waters tapped me on the shoulder.
  • He refused to go below and take some refreshment, but stood with knitted brows and folded arms watching the burning steamer that had carried his hopes and fortunes.
  • Then, I will go below and order our men to cease firing," continued the English Lieutenant.

Definition of Go Below

(intransitive, nautical) To go below deck on a ship; to leave the top deck of a ship.
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