Go Over In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Go Over | Go Over Sentence

  • He would go over them again.
  • There was nothing to do but go over it.
  • To go over was impossible.
  • But go over very carefully.
  • Shall we go over their tops?
  • I had a curiosity to go over the ground.
  • Would it not be better to go over to the station at once?
  • They could go over and do the scouting.
  • Lastly go over it with thick cream.
  • We want to go over some things.
  • Then go over there and untie my brother.
  • I would go over at once and save her.
  • He did not go over the woods this time.
  • I do not want to go over this ground again.
  • We need not go over the ground.
  • You can go over in that corner by the fireplace.
  • We need not go over it again in detail.
  • I saw the thing go over her.
  • What use to go over the record?
  • Take your maps and go over the city on foot.
  • The stars go over the lonely ocean.
  • It is needless for us to go over the ground again.
  • We were allowed to go over the field freely.
  • We might go over and see the start.
  • She would go over to that window and think it out.
  • So we might go over a long list.
  • I should never dare to go over to see him.
  • We must all of us go over the mountains.
  • At last he decided to go over and see.
  • I had to go over and explain it before they saw my joke.
  • I have to go over first to take some things.
  • As you go over the side my prayer will go with you.
  • They would go over the fall together.
  • Three more months go over and my mother dies.
  • We expect to go over to-night.

How To Use Go Over In A Sentence?

  • The world is his, who has money to go over it.
  • He did not even go over to say good-by.
  • You shall go over the mills before you go home.
  • Rarely does her glance go over the paper a second time.
  • Then perhaps the word came to go over the top and at them.

Definition of Go Over

Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see go,‎ over. | (idiomatic) To look at carefully; to scrutinize; to analyze. | (idiomatic) To create a response or impression.
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