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  • You only want to goad me.
  • Some day these shopmen will goad me too far.
  • The name was a very goad to his passion and despair.
  • So he took an ox goad and slew the whole of them.
  • Amos turned half about, the goad over his shoulder.
  • I bless Thy goad of discontent.
  • What had been a lure of hope now became a goad of desperation.
  • Money's not the key goad with you inner-directeds.
  • The noble brute flew on as if impelled by a goad for about half an hour.
  • But the spur, though it pricked, did not goad him into any action.
  • The lion was indeed aroused at last, and whip or goad or wile of no avail.
  • Let it take as a perpetual goad the fate of the Wallace goblets.
  • Then an inspiration came and under its goad Wiley almost cursed aloud.
  • His good-humoured calm seemed to goad Giuseppi Antonio Tolmenicino to madness.
  • To goad others to work is all you're fit for. PETER.
  • So says Mr. H. E. Goad, or Captain Goad as he has the right to call himself.

How To Use Goad In A Sentence?

  • The spurs of these combatants are provided with most cruel rowels to goad the timorous horses.
  • Then once more he sought to goad his drooping spirits, to rouse himself to a keener efficiency.
  • She is the woman who will not, consciously or unconsciously, goad her husband to money-making.
  • The men were sleek from idleness, and I had need to goad them with word and eye.
  • Having won his love, was she not seeking now to goad him on to its utterance by a sudden change of manner?
  • It is the same in the matter of ornamental needlework and gaudy quilts, which goad a man to drink and death.
  • She was urged onwards by a brother's counsels, and pricked by the goad of conscience.
  • Holy bells are hung on the cows to scare away the witches, and they are guided to pasture by a goad which has been blessed.
  • Her moral warmth was ready and waiting for the instigating subject, but of course she was unconscious of the goad within.
  • Gluttons and misers are always accompanied by familiar devils, who prod and goad them into such sin as shall make them their prey at the last.
  • There remains touch, the far-spreading passive sense common to all live flesh that quivers under the goad of pain.
  • Then she followed after his movements, gently encouraging him with words, and a cheerful pleased giggle that was a very goad in his rear.
  • Roger turned uneasily on his bed, and then took the goad which only honest men possess, and applied it to his mind.
  • The sting of his bitter thoughts and the goad of his impatience would not allow him to stay at Enchanted.
  • Her very calm, the slender erectness of her body, her fearless and serious gaze, were a goad to him.
  • Once with a goad did we urge him on, when in ease and sloth he was among us, but now he spurreth on his spirit and body in too great haste.
  • He never accepted the goad without a snort of resentment, a threatening shake of his short, sharp horns.
  • There remains touch, the far-spreading, passive sense common to all live flesh that quivers under the goad of pain.
  • Neither was that goad any excuse to her self-accusing mind; for she could feel it no longer, which made her wonder how she had ever felt it at all.
  • Lord Pilgrimstone had failed to taunt him, and the triumph of old foes had failed to goad him into a last effort.
  • Past the court and through the doors, across the rushes of the floors, But they goad him up the stair.
  • Tinker, trained from babyhood by his wise father to study his fellow creatures, understood something of this, and began to goad him to the effort.
  • Again and again, inwardly provoked to the point of murder, Kenny threatened to break away from the goad of his tongue.
  • Not content with watching the heroic gardens swept away, he must goad the Vandals on to their sorry work by flattering them for their good taste.

Definition of Goad

To prod with a goad. | To encourage or stimulate. | To incite or provoke.
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