Goads in a sentence

Definition of Goads

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of goad | plural of goad

How to use Goads in a Sentence?

  • 1. And, while the presence of his queen inspires, Goads on the judgment as her wrath requires.
  • 2. These show a coarse and vulgar conception of the goads which a man may have applied to him in his inner circle.
  • 3. In the end the goads of apprehension were driving him down the trail towards the camp, regardless of consequences.
  • 4. And they had in their hands iron knives, and pointed goads which were like unto sharp spears, and they drove them into my sides and gnashed upon me with their teeth.
  • 5. To a man, whose imagination is filled with erotic fancies the emission comes as a merciful interruption to the burning, harassing and wearing excitement which so constantly goads him.
  • 6. The irritated sense, like an avenging fury, goads on with a restlessness of craving, and compels a reiteration of the guilt though it has ceased to charm.