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  • At the goal the inevitable happened.
  • His ultimate goal was the penitentiary.
  • What shall our new goal be?
  • But humanized war is not the goal of this sentiment.
  • Besides, the goal of his career lay yet before him.
  • It at length turned the goal on the hill at Alexandria.
  • The Secret Service thinks only of the goal ahead.
  • The war is showing a vision of our need and of the goal of our effort.
  • Profits as a goal for the long run do not antagonize moral principles.
  • By this road from our goal we're still far wide.
  • Finally a westerly turn was taken, and he wondered what their goal might be.
  • Our goal was the remains of an old religious house, now a farm.
  • Yet he had not arrived, and John was at the goal before him.
  • Again at the lower goal the Mantinean was panting wearily in the rear.
  • The weather conditions were ideal, and Dave had a definite goal in view.

How To Use Goal In A Sentence?

  • Many of the immigrants who survived the struggle reached the goal in an impoverished condition.
  • The goal waxed and waned as he gazed down the great avenue with its precise rows of lamps.
  • The great game had now begun, and each time the ball went through a goal it counted one tally.
  • In another breath Archibald had crossed the threshold and arrived at the goal of his pilgrimage.
  • I was studying Film Production with the goal to becoming a screenwiter/director.
  • And it was a goal which seemed very little closer to realization now than it had been twenty-three years before.
  • They only required to reject the offer of mediation to reach the goal of their long-cherished hopes.
  • He was drifting on a stream which sickened him, towards a palpable goal which he contemplated with terror.
  • That he reached the goal is the sure guarantee of his merits; and woe to him who would canvass the rectitude of his progress!
  • Yet desirable as the goal of unity is, it will never be reached save through the strenuous cooperant effort of all who long for it.
  • It is not an easy goal to attain, as the crowd of aspirants dream, nor is the reward luxurious when it is attained.
  • Even now he strove painfully, and looked up the hill with distended eyes, as if he knew where the goal lay.
  • In the great majority of cases the submarine does get away, but now and then the depth charge reaches its goal and ends its career.
  • The thought strikes me that in addition to the goal for new members, we should also work to keep these members we have picked up this year.
  • This latter, to whatever degree it may be actually attainable, is the proper hope and goal of all human civilization.
  • It was like the hand of something, that reached out sudden and came down hard, laid him dead in the moment when the goal was in sight.
  • Thanks to the work of the forest rangers in clearing the fire trail, it looked as though the two boys would reach their goal before dark.
  • For a while the three clung together, until near the lower goal the Mantinean heedlessly risked a dash.
  • He had rather a settled expression, as of one who had come in sight, not of a goal of triumph, but of the end of a long and wearisome journey.
  • The dying man continued to breathe his deep, rattling breath, the breath of one who is near the goal of life and pants at the finish of the race.
  • Sixteen days since he left New York and the goal toward which he had struggled so bravely was at hand!
  • The victims must run down between the lines to a goal at the end, while the cruel Indians on each side reach out to put a chalk mark on them.
  • Now Katharine stopped, and Mary woke to the fact that instead of having a goal she had evidently none.
  • I thought that when the sum had risen to ten thousand the goal of my existence would be reached; and it may be said that I lived for little else.
  • How long they were, in their staggering, circuitous course, in reaching their goal of cholla, Rhoda never knew.

Definition of Goal

(Gaelic football, Australian rules) To score a goal | A result that one is attempting to achieve. | (sports) In many sports, an area into which the players attempt to put an object.
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