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How To Use Goat In A Sentence?

  • He gave thee the strength of a bull and a mountain goat in one, and her for a mistress.
  • Then the end of the rope had become tangled in a thick bush and the goat could not pull it loose.
  • Sometimes the goat bleated, and the kitten arched her soft back to rub it against my hand.
  • Or rather, the goat took them, for he pulled them in the cart along the forest path.
  • The goat had been driven down near the dock whence the boat started for Star Island.
  • Perhaps Ted thought Nicknack might be afraid of the bear, even if the goat did have sharp horns.
  • Grief and the Goat Man peered straight down from a safe rock-shelter, three hundred feet above.
  • The Goat Man, after a minute, was successful, and they saw the body of one man sink sluggishly.
  • Then it was, and forever after, that he fully knew why Mauriri had been named the Goat Man.
  • But the goat did not act like a dog, who gives himself a great shaking whenever he comes on shore after having been in the water.
  • A singular superstition of the connection of the goat with Satan is entertained in some districts of this island.
  • The goat is usually free from tuberculosis and other diseases which affect the cow, and its milk is therefore a very safe article to use.
  • He laughed at that, and said that if every goat track were guarded, yet would he make his way to the sea.
  • A fabulous beast like the heraldic antelope, but having the tail of a horse, and long horns of a goat curved backwards.
  • His head was halfway through the side of the tree-tent nearest Jan and the goat was chewing some of the green leaves.
  • For when the sand slid into the "gold mine," carrying the goat with it, the hole was not altogether filled.
  • Of course a goat is not as good a swimmer as is a duck or a fish, but Ted's pet did very well.
  • Then, passing round the ledge on which we stood, I descended to the next below to catch the goat and throw him over.
  • I am the Goat Man, and I only, of all Fuatino, can go over the Big Rock in the night.
  • But though the goat answered, as he nearly always did, his voice sounded afar off, and he did not come running to see his little friends.
  • She came like a goat among the rocks, just as she had once dived into darkness in the Khyber with King following.
  • Into the goat cart they piled and off started Nicknack, waggling his funny, stubby tail, for he enjoyed the children as much as they did him.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Goat | Goat Sentence

  • But the goat did not answer.
  • I not have a goat den.
  • You monkeyed with the goat too long.
  • They were watching the goat swimming toward them.
  • Down there it was not fair; the goat had all the advantage.
  • But the goat would not go straight down the island path.
  • The mountain dwellers have sent no wild goat in a week.
  • Chaps will, naturally, play the goat if you let them.
  • The Goat Man shook his head and stood up.
  • A Goat bleateth in the Stomach of a Thief.
  • He was the proprietor of the hut the owner of the goat lived in.
  • The goat knew what he wanted to do, and he was going to do it.
  • Trouble led the goat up on top of the pile of sand near the hole.
  • They called and called, but the goat did not bleat back to them.
  • And how did our goat get here?" asked Janet.
  • The Proud Goat of Aloysius Pankburn III.
  • The Goat Man fired, but splintered the corner of the galley.
  • Trouble likes the goat and I guess he didn't want to leave him behind.

Definition of Goat

(transitive) To allow goats to feed on. | (transitive) To scapegoat. | A mammal, Capra aegagrus hircus, and similar species of the genus Capra.
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