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  • The trout gobbled it.
  • So she took the hare and gobbled him up.
  • So she took the squirrel and gobbled him up.
  • So she took the stoat and gobbled him up.
  • When she is gobbled up she is hardly missed.
  • How the turkeys gobbled which our commissary found!
  • So she took the leaf-picker and gobbled him up.
  • So she took and gobbled up Greylegs too.
  • So she took Reynard and gobbled him up.
  • The Fox gobbled them up in the sight of the Eagle.
  • Alexander!" gobbled the Voice, "are you gone mad?
  • And again they flared it with their breath and gobbled off the flame.
  • The Awful End of the Man who Gobbled his Food!
  • Mrs. Handsomebody leaned over him, and gobbled and threatened.
  • I'm afraid Mrs. Humphrey thinks we have gobbled them up!
  • Alexander!" gobbled Mrs. Handsomebody.

How To Use Gobbled In A Sentence?

  • But this little sum was gobbled up by the hungry treasury before a month was over.
  • Instead of devouring her with their great teeth, it was with kisses they gobbled her up.
  • When he reached the place, he looked up at the first and gobbled at him in the wildest manner.
  • Indeed Ottilia had gobbled up all hers, and there were only my nine in the dish.
  • And when he saw her the Mugger rushed out and gobbled her up, kerosene tin, matches and all!!!
  • The hard ultraviolet was gobbled up by ozone; much of the blue was scattered through the atmosphere.
  • This did not please the turkeys, who gobbled and struck their sharp bills into the bobbing heads of the ducks.
  • It is true that they had about all they could do to take care of themselves, and yet they might have bagged and gobbled our small force.
  • Then he flew inside the summer-house, alighted in the window, and gobbled up the spider in an instant.
  • He gobbled down his breakfast, rolled a fat brown cigarette, buttoned up his coat and went out to his stage.
  • Besides, had the object really been a corpse, but still fresh, it would none the less have gobbled it up.
  • Then he went to the next, and the next, and so on, till he had gobbled them all off the trees, one after another.
  • On the roofs all around sat turkey buzzards, and anything that fell in the streets that was possible for them to eat, was gobbled up very quickly.
  • She gobbled up more cakes than any six people present; then came the supper and the sandwiches again, and the egg-flip and the horrible rum-punch.
  • The feathered groom retires, respected by his bride, and does his little bit of hunting, without danger of being apprehended and gobbled up.
  • When the lions came to Rosalba, instead of devouring her with their great teeth, it was with kisses they gobbled her up!
  • So he huffed and he puffed, and he puffed, and he huffed, and at last he blew the house in, and gobbled the little pig up in a trice.
  • They were, as we were told, a fresh set of troops who had just come on, and were literally gobbled up by Lee.
  • My advice was to retire; that with our small force, not more than five hundred men, isolated in that dense wood, we were liable to be gobbled up.
  • No, they haven't gobbled me up yet, but I don't think they'll delay much longer.
  • The foreigners gobbled up all the food, before the others could get it, and the only time that there was any unanimity among them was when they were doing something they should not.
  • Two respective litters were heartlessly gobbled and mutilated by does driven off their mental reservation by the sight of human beings fondling their new-born offspring.
  • There were plenty to be eaten like a lady with a silver knife, or even stolen off the sideboard and gobbled in the garden with the juice squshing over your white frock.

Definition of Gobbled

simple past tense and past participle of gobble
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