God In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For God | God Sentence

  • Merlin was a god to them.
  • The god himself was astonished.
  • The god turned against them.
  • Are you some god or mortal?
  • There is no god of war.
  • But her god was the king.
  • Was this not to make a god of me?
  • That was how the god walked.
  • Hermes was the god of chance.
  • They had a god for this and a god for that.
  • Adorable god of love!
  • My only god in the days that were.
  • Like a god he stands.
  • Stand as a god revealed!
  • Ea as the god of potters.
  • Even a god stoops once in a while.
  • Griekschen god gelukt is.
  • He was the god of all joy.
  • But the god was not tempted even now.
  • The tutelary god of a house.
  • Who is the god or goddess concealed there?
  • Who is the god that dwelleth in his hour?
  • He was also the god of fecundity.
  • Apollo being the god of song and music.
  • Supposed symbols of the god of death.
  • The god who presides over marriages.
  • Every god is there sitting in his sphere.
  • The smile of a god can intoxicate.
  • But what can a pure god do with our gold?
  • Than to the thunders of the god of heaven?
  • The god of wine had chid.
  • What god the element obeyed?
  • And god save the kynge.
  • And what a god before whom to bow the knee!
  • The god of summer and of the elves.

How To Use God In A Sentence?

  • His god no longer nods.
  • Thoth was the god of intellect and learning.
  • His strength was the strength of a god again.
  • For she thought you were a god and worshipped you.
  • Indra was the god of the firmament or atmosphere.

Definition of God

(transitive) To idolize. | (transitive) To deify. | A deity or supreme being; a supernatural, typically immortal, being with superior powers.
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