Godsend In A Sentence

Definition of Godsend

An unexpected good fortune or benefit; a windfall.

How To Use Godsend In A Sentence?

  • I may say that such a cold was a godsend just then, as it prevented my having to do any lessons.
  • It was a godsend to Boyce that the armies of the alignment had reached the Joenine Forest.
  • The positions here were a godsend after our experience of the past two months in the open and exposed positions further up the river.
  • It has been a godsend to many people of no particular importance or position who have used it as a stepping-stone to get into society.
  • Whatever the street-organs may be to poets and mathematicians, they are certainly a godsend to the children of our courts and alleys.
  • Dicky also helped a little; and at the end of a fortnight there came a godsend in the shape of material for match-boxes.
  • This statement was a Godsend to all the reactionary elements, who used it to break up wage movements everywhere.
  • Naturally he was a godsend to the Comstock girls, for he could take them to places where without a man they could not go.
  • A week after, the fall of the Empire came as a godsend to the ministry which had possibly hardly deserved such a stroke of luck.
  • Daniel was in conversation with a perfect godsend of a girl who understood Latin and had taken up Greek.
  • She served him in the capacity of stenographer, receiving therefor the wage of $7.00 a week, a godsend to that lowly household.
  • To the miners, penetrating the wilds north of the Fraser, the caribou proved a godsend during that lean first winter.
  • That sacrifice, at least, he decided, nagging Don into hours of study that were a godsend to them both, should not become an anticlimax.
  • It was a godsend to Laura Winn that the waltz music began at the next instant, for his nonchalance was something utterly unexpected.
  • The appearance of this book in English will prove a godsend to Protestants who may see in it only an attack on Catholicism.
  • With manlike exactness she gave him to understand that friendship with him grown purely out of liking would be a godsend to her; but of kindness from compassion she would have none.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Godsend | Godsend Sentence

  • Peter was really a godsend to the girl.
  • Such a place would be a godsend to him.
  • What a Godsend it was to those poor fellows.
  • That money would be a perfect godsend to the Emperor.
  • You've been a godsend to her this spring.
  • War books have been a godsend for our generation in this regard.
  • The blotting out of such a godsend of a place as this would be a calamity.
  • What a very godsend is the perfect hansom to the man or woman in a hurry!
  • A new pair of ears will be a veritable godsend to his father.
  • The occupation had been a godsend to her, and everybody else.
  • It was a godsend to him; he could drink there in greater secrecy.
  • The offer was a godsend to the negroes, and they promptly accepted it.
  • Probably anything even mildly interesting is a godsend to her, down here.
  • As he talks cleverly, we find him a godsend in this dull place.
  • Dick, you're quite a godsend to a poor fellow.
  • The incident would have been a godsend to the Press a few weeks later.
  • I cannot find words to express What a godsend your remedies have been to me.
  • A godsend was (------).
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