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  • We are not going anywhere!
  • Yes, then he stopped going anywhere.
  • He is not going anywhere, he is just sitting in the plaza.
  • I'd like to know why you weren't going anywhere.
  • But why weren't you going anywhere?
  • I really wasn't going anywhere.
  • I haven't the least idea of going anywhere.
  • If you stub your toe going anywhere, it means a disappointment.
  • You, whoever you are, have no right to prevent me from going anywhere.
  • But, my dear young lady, we're not going anywhere.
  • A fine sense of honor kept him from going anywhere that Starr was sure to be.
  • I always find in going anywhere the start's the principal thing.
  • Are you--er--going anywhere in particular just now?
  • He laughed as he answered: "They are tadpoles and they are not going anywhere.
  • We're not going anywhere near as fast as we were."
  • "I am going anywhere," he answered, and they talked.

How To Use Going Anywhere In A Sentence?

  • He could not think of going anywhere else, for Maceehan was master of his profession.
  • Clellan came to where if he had not come he would have been deciding that not any one going anywhere could come.
  • It seemed to me that we were not going anywhere near the shops, we were steadily pursuing our way into the suburbs.
  • She knew that he had little sham flirtations, but she had never imagined his going anywhere near an intrigue.
  • We were not going anywhere in particular: only endeavoring to get away from man, and, if possible, to find a region where he had never been.
  • He rides all over the ground instead of straight ahead when he is going anywhere, seemin' as if he wanted to get his money's worth of the ride.
  • Neither was locked, but neither contained any word to explain where he had gone, nor to give support to the belief that he had intended going anywhere.
  • Even as he spoke it started again; we leaned out of the window and saw two or three persons who were being prevented by soldiers from going down the street or from going anywhere.
  • Any one going anywhere is one going and being going any one who is knowing that thing knowing that some one is going is one who is one knowing something.
  • My duenna (by name Throckmorton) liked journeys as well as I did, and never objected to going anywhere.
  • If she is going anywhere by his special invitation he would naturally defray her expenses; but on their weekly jaunts why should he be put to the double outlay when he wants to save all he can to start their home?
  • Then, O hero, that car of precious metals capable of going anywhere at will, bewildering my eyes, reappeared at Pragjyotisha!
  • In going anywhere, if you strike the right foot you will be welcome wherever you may be going, and if the same happens to the left foot, you will be on strange ground.
  • The natives are true Malays, never building a house on dry land if they can find water to set it in, and never going anywhere on foot if they can reach the place in a boat.
  • He always objected to going anywhere with her, and in spite of his wife's entreaties always refused to do so.
  • And travellers to-day visiting the streets of Paris or going anywhere the doubting and despairing world over, would do well to imagine Descartes, as the modern doubter, travelling and thinking with them.
  • Her big sister Florence, who had been a Senior three years before, had told her all about Seddon Hall, and the thought of going anywhere else had never entered her head.
  • Having, O great king, wailed thus, and having, O son of the Kuru race, abused me thus, he rose into the sky on his car of precious metals capable of going anywhere at will!
  • He thought no longer of going anywhere but to the hill-top; and that detested limit became more hated as oftener and oftener the Colonel passed beyond the faithful little guardian's gaze.
  • An uncomfortable feeling about that York Macpherson had begun now to pull hard upon Eugene's complacent assurance, although he had rebelled a few minutes ago at the thought of going anywhere after Jerry.
  • It came by degrees to be a pretty regular thing, that Mr. Copley spent the evening abroad, excused himself from going anywhere with his family, and when they did see him wore an uncertain, purposeless, vagrant sort of look and air.
  • If we happened to be going anywhere in company he was sure to offer me his arm--no, I am wrong again, he never offered me his arm in his life.
  • Also it was certain that Mrs. Humphreys and her friends had not the slightest intention of spreading any kind of light, unless it were that of their own eyes and jewels, or of going anywhere to do so, except perhaps to Monte Carlo in the spring.
  • If we were going anywhere but to Italy, and if I were a little less plainly mortal with this disagreeable cough of mine, I would gladly stay and see in the Empire with M. Proudhon in the tail of it, and sit as a watcher over whatever things shall be this year and next spring at Paris.
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