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  • And well they might, for Atvatabar was worth a thousand realms like Golconda or Peru.
  • This other one, from the mines of Golconda, weighs three and a half carats and is worth over seventy thousand.
  • Perhaps they also would buy some elephants if it happened that the Company had too many, or if too few purchasers should arrive here from Golconda.
  • Then followed the visit to Golconda and its tombs of wax-like Jaypur marble, with their arabesqued cupolas and lacery in stone.
  • Golconda Chapter XIX 18th June 1876-31st March 1877 Colonel Gordon 85.
  • It is in compliance with instructions, and with my approbation, that the accounts with the purchasers of elephants in Golconda and with the Brahmin Timmerza have been settled.
  • Your Honours must comply with our orders contained in the letter of May 4 last from Colombo, as to how the cheques from Golconda are to be drawn up and entered in the books.
  • Off a little way to the east you will find the rich cluster called 25 M. But do not imagine the thousands of stars that your opera-glass or field-glass reveals comprise all the riches of this Golconda of the heavens.
  • Just above Golconda Island (890 miles), on the Illinois side, we were witness to a "meet" of farmers for a squirrel-hunt, a favorite amusement in these parts.
  • The golden Pagoda is a coin which was never or seldom known to be forged, at least so long as the King of Golconda or the King of the Carnatic was sovereign in Coromandel.
  • Old men seem a little younger, And tortoise-shell combs Are longer than ever; Earrings weigh down aged ears; And Golconda has given them of its best.
  • The principal people in Golconda address their payment orders to Philip Sangere Pulle or the Brahmin Timmersa, whom they have chosen as their agents, while the Company employs them as brokers in this trade.
  • But in what mine, what rich epitome of the earth's surface, were there conjoined the rubies of Ispahan, the pearls of Coromandel, and the diamonds of Golconda?
  • So when you see it stated that Messrs. Oro and Gildenstein, the celebrated assayers, have found that a sample of rock from the Golden Mint Mine, Golconda, assays at the rate of 2,546 oz.
  • Hence the performance of this Brata is the culminating point of meritorious work in popular estimation, promising to the performer the perpetual enjoyment of connubial happiness, which is more valued by a Hindoo female than all the riches of Golconda.
  • Full of this new resolution, he shut himself up in his chamber for six months, to deliberate how he should grow rich; he sometimes proposed to offer himself as a counsellor to one of the kings of India, and sometimes resolved to dig for diamonds in the mines of Golconda.
  • The merchants of Golconda have also requested that, as they have no broker to deal with, they may be allowed an advance by the Company in case they run short of cash, which request has been communicated in our letter to Colombo of the 4th instant.
  • It had ceased to be another Ophir and a richer Golconda; but it was the Land of Religious Freedom.
  • Digging, three days agone, I struck a manure mine!--a Golconda, a limitless Bonanza, of solid manure!
  • Athanasius Nikitin, a Russian, travelled from the Volga, through Central Asia and Persia, to Gujerat, Cambay, and Chaul, whence he proceeded inland to Bidar and Golconda.
  • The two baskets balanced on either side of his raw and prominent backbone contained a troupe of trained dogs, dressed as marquesses, troubadours, Turks, Alpine shepherdesses, or Queens of Golconda, according to their sex.
  • After a brief stay in Paris, they proceeded to Trieste, ate their Christmas dinner, and then set out for India, partly for pleasure and partly for the purpose of collecting information about the abandoned diamond mines of Golconda. 81.
  • Here Burton accumulated a good deal of miscellaneous information about diamond mining, and came to the conclusion that the industry in India generally, and especially in Golconda, had been prematurely abandoned; and endeavoured by means of letters to the press and in other ways to enlist the sympathies of the British capitalists.
  • But if the demand for these animals at Golconda continues as it has done for the last few years, we would not need the aid of the Bengal Moors in this matter, although in compliance with the orders of Their Excellencies at Batavia they may be accommodated with a few elephants if they urgently request them.
  • Golconda 1 -- Il merlo bianco 3
  • In our letter of May 4 Your Honours have been informed that His Excellency Laurens Pit, Governor of Coromandel, has consented at our request to communicate with you whenever necessary, as the means of the Golconda merchants who desire to obtain advances from the Company, and how much could be advanced to their attorneys.
  • This course was followed from the time the Company took possession of this territory up to 1696, but Sangere Pulle died in 1695, and the Brahmin Timmersa has been discharged from his office, because His Excellency the Governor and the Council of Colombo gave instructions, in their letter of August 23 last, that the trade in elephants with the Moors at Golconda should be carried on in future without any agents or brokers.

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  • Golconda to a sixpence on the fall!
  • This was the veiled Golconda.
  • Golconda Island, 276.
  • This couple proved a Golconda for information.
  • So the famous diamond beds of Golconda were discovered.
  • Golconda.
  • CNHM 2463 (30), Golconda.
  • Was it at Golconda.
  • To adorn itself like this, in what Golconda does the insect gather its gems?
  • I have heard Beebee, my mistress, read about Golconda in a book.
  • ripen'd gems Golconda bears!
  • "I would resign the mines of Golconda rather than do that.
  • "Has nobody ever seen the inside of this Golconda of a mine?" queried Ballard.
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