Good Evening In A Sentence

Definition of Good Evening

Used as a greeting in the evening.

How To Use Good Evening In A Sentence?

  • Good-evening, Jean, and a good-night.
  • Good evening, Tyltyl!...
  • It was "Missy" who bade me good-evening!
  • Good-evening, Lady Connie.
  • Good-evening, Van Naghel.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Good Evening | Good Evening Sentence

  • Good evening everybody.
  • Good evening waster.
  • She did not deny good evening.
  • I will bid you good-evening.
  • He wished them an unctuous good-evening.
  • Good evening, doctor.
  • Good evening, gentlemen.
  • Good evening, friends.
  • But she merely wished him good-evening.
  • Good-evening, mesdames.
  • Good-evening? or only smile?
  • Good evening, gentlemen.
  • Good-evening, grandpapa!
  • Good evening, mother.
  • I want to bid you good-evening.
  • Good evening, everybody.
  • Good-evening, doctor.
  • I bid you a gentle good evening.
  • Good evening, friends.
  • Good evening, old lady.
  • Good evening, young people!
  • Good-evening, my good boy!
  • Pierquin Good-evening.
  • They said good-evening, and all four passed in.
  • Ah, good evening, your excellency!
  • Kion vi Good evening.
  • Good-evening, great-grandfather!...
  • Good evening, Wartensleben.
  • Good-evening, Tyltyl.
  • Good evening, Rowena.
  • Good evening, Vivian.
  • Good evening, Grumbkow.
  • Good evening, Seckendorf.
  • Good evening, Schwerin.
  • He laid his card by Edward and bade them good-evening.

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