Good Old In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Good Old | Good Old Sentence

  • Good old times those were.
  • Thus the good old man.
  • Good old nervous association.
  • She was a good old soul.
  • Back to the good old times we had!
  • Those good old times!
  • And how is the good old pastor?
  • It was not so in the good old times.
  • In the good old days it was different.
  • This is like the good old days.
  • The good old time when we were all together.
  • The good old days have gone.
  • What good old days they must have been.
  • The good old lady rose.
  • Give my regards to our good old pastor.
  • Let them talk in good old prose.
  • Every good old moral custom is broken!
  • The good old major shook his head.
  • Good old-fashioned biotechnology would qualify.
  • I am sentimental and hanker after the good old days.
  • Had her sin killed that good old man?
  • The very entrance tells of the good old days.
  • It was a good old sun, after all!
  • But we tolerate anything in our good old parson.
  • Oh, the good old time!
  • Bless her, good old soul!
  • What a pleasant surprise for the good old priest!
  • Did your father come to you in the good old style?
  • People are not wise when they long for the good old days.
  • Good old soul to offer to do it without pay.
  • And so the good old man went his way.
  • This good old saying comprises all our demands.
  • Ah, it was the good old housekeeper again!
  • The most irreligious cried for the good old times.

How To Use Good Old In A Sentence?

  • Beneath some clothes is a bottle of good old brandy.
  • The good old days of ordered service were over.
  • They loved the good old gray academy!
  • Full of good old hot tea, too.
  • We unpacked the good old boats rather reluctantly.

Definition of Good Old

Reliable; typical; consistently good.
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