Good People In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Good People | Good People Sentence

  • How good people are!
  • How good people were!
  • We are a very good people.
  • Hurrah for good people!
  • You are all good people.
  • The good people are all so fond of you.
  • These good people were with me all night.
  • All the good people fled to them.
  • There are some good people living there.
  • Perhaps some good people live there.
  • How dreadful you good people are!
  • Any good people in this house?
  • There are so many good people in.
  • You like good people.
  • Good governments are the products of good people.
  • Be off, good people.
  • The good people are well satisfied with it.
  • Ask the good people in the great cities.
  • Good-day, my good people!
  • Not my fault, good people!
  • Good people like you must come together.
  • Oh, there are good people everywhere.
  • At these words the good people burst out laughing.
  • Your pardon, good people!
  • It has introduced me to the knowledge of many good people.
  • I should take a pleasure in shocking those good people.
  • No one knew what became of the good people.
  • Your uncle and aunt were always such good people!
  • Yet there are good people even in the worst of times.
  • Yet it seems there are good people left in the world.
  • I have certainly done nothing to offend these good people.
  • Good people, you must all go to bed.
  • I speak of the good people, of course.
  • We are good people; we harm nobody.
  • We get good people to restrain bad laws.

How To Use Good People In A Sentence?

  • They are good people though, these officials.
  • I should think good people would love to die.
  • See justice done, good people.
  • These good people had starved abroad for many years.
  • And now, good people, kiss each other!

Definition of Good People

Synonym of good folk (“magical humanoid creatures”)
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