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  • So the little stout woman, feline and easily exasperated, was a good person to control the room.
  • Singing of this kind is expected before the death of every good person, and it is a happy omen that the dying is going to heaven.
  • He has a good person, a fine ruddy complexion, quite active, and seems always in a bustle, more like a busy man than a man of business.
  • That good person, a motherly old lady of over sixty, was not only surprised but delighted by the advent of David Hume.
  • Thus it is always necessary that the substance or person should be good before any good works can be done, and that good works should follow and proceed from a good person.
  • This good person he saluted with a vigour which proved him already far on the road to recovery; and when he was tired of swearing, he wept and threw his nightcap at her.
  • This stream, the spirit must cross on the pole, and if it has belonged to a good person, it will get over safe and find all its good relations that have gone before it.
  • See, I have brought a fork too; I should have been a good person to take care of Jacobites or Covenanters in old days!
  • Listen, I'm a good person; I don't enjoy causing pain to whoever it may be, but I insist that the rights of poetry be respected in me.
  • Mary was good--and it was safer to slander a good person than a bad one because there was less chance of a come-back.
  • But when our witch noticed several large ferocious tears rolling down her opponent's cheeks, she was able, by means of magic, to say: "Great Scott, my good person, what are you crying for?
  • Prayers and supplications were made for him throughout the whole country, especially in all the churches of Grenoble itself, and, as the chronicler remarks, "there must have been some good person whose prayers were heard," for the Good Knight gradually grew better, and before many weeks he was as well and as gay as ever.
  • "I had hoped that my cousin Norman might prove a protector for her; but his wife is not a good person.
  • 4 As concerning Philo the deacon of Cilicia, a most worthy man, he still ministers unto me in the word of God: together with Rheus of Agathopolis a singular good person, who has followed me even from Syria, not regarding his life: These also bear witness unto you.

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  • And is she a good person, the present governess?
  • There's many a good person who never learned to write.
  • I tell you who will be a good person to invite for the first one--Mr.
  • "I have found her a good person in trouble," said Stephen, simply.
  • "Sometimes a good person dies young, while a bad person may live a long life."
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