Gored In A Sentence

Definition of Gored

(textiles) Having a gore or gores. | simple past tense and past participle of gore

How To Use Gored In A Sentence?

  • He was quite dead, and had been not only gored but had been trampled hundreds of times.
  • She had seen a horse gored to death by a bull and it was a sight she did not wish to see repeated.
  • I know there is much that is kind and humane in you when you are not gored by insults, or under the influence of angry emotions.
  • His clothing was in disorder; his cravat floated outside his vest, gored and torn by one of the horns.
  • The picador is unequal to keep him off with his spike; the horse is gored in the belly and overthrown, the rider falling under.
  • Though short, it is a nasty one, running along a shelf of rock into which great gaps have been gored by the torrent.
  • Had he held on, he said he would have been dragged to death over a stubble field; while if had not held on, the bull would have gored him to death.
  • The servants were not then in the yard; and before they could be called, Richard would be gored a dozen times by the sharp weapons of the steer.
  • Till here with tusks, and there with trunks, the beasts Gored them, and battered them, and trod them flat Under their monstrous feet.
  • She has heard stories of people being gored by bulls, and sometimes by cows, and she has no means whatever of estimating the reality or the extent of the danger in any particular case.
  • He came down badly disabled; and the bull, as though it was the finest sport in the world for him, gored him with his long horns till the life was gone out of him.
  • A good costume for waiting for the delivery van in, is a simple brown suit, slashed with yellow and purple, and sliced or gored from the hip to the feet.
  • The dress is to be gored and made just to touch the ground, and the hair to be drawn closely to the head, under a round white cap, without trimming of any kind.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gored | Gored Sentence

  • Awfully gored it was.
  • How horridly that gored skirt hangs!
  • They gored one another with their sharp horns.
  • But once the cattle got him down he would be gored and trampled to death.
  • Two weeks ago a child was gored by a bull back here in the country.
  • But the doctrine had gored their pet ox, and that made a difference.
  • Shortly afterwards the Bull with his horns gored him as if he were an enemy.
  • He hacked and gored until his sword Was sundered at the hilt.
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