Gorge In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gorge | Gorge Sentence

  • The gorge was narrow.
  • My gorge rose against it.
  • His gorge rose at it.
  • My gorge rose at him!
  • It makes my gorge rise!
  • We must gorge him with sweetmeats.
  • But to the gorge no flood can reach.
  • My gorge rose at his heartlessness.
  • For his diurnal gorge on multiplicands.
  • His gorge rose at the sight.
  • La gorge était entièrement découverte.
  • The straitness of the gorge forbids pursuit.
  • My gorge at length rose within me.
  • I saw his gorge work as he subvocalized.
  • This gorge is magnificent and worth visiting.
  • He walked up the gorge slowly and laggingly.
  • The gorge seemed inhabited by furies.
  • Bears also come down the river bank and gorge themselves.
  • Cette gorge a quatorze milles de longueur.
  • But the crash in this echoing gorge was appalling indeed.
  • They have the gorge to swallow one government or ten!
  • A deep gorge showed dark and wild.
  • He rimmed the edge of a deep gorge that made me dizzy.
  • A gorge in the yellow rock opened suddenly before us.
  • I felt my gorge rise against these poor cowering worms.
  • Freney, gorge of, 411.
  • Je vis se gonfler la fine gorge mate.
  • Elles ont aussi la gorge fort bien faite.
  • La gorge de Monserrat.
  • The gorge of the Avon is always lovely.
  • Walling the narrow gorge as high as Heaven.
  • He fasts, you gorge at your ease....
  • The gorge was cleared, and the Americans held the plateau.
  • Oui, dit Sixte la gorge étranglée.
  • Ever the gorge lies motionless, unmoved, until I fear.

How To Use Gorge In A Sentence?

  • Remember, the gorge at the mouth of Sage Creek.
  • The Egyptian Gorge or Cornice 68.
  • The terrible First Granite Gorge was well behind them.
  • Visited Cataract Gorge on South Esk.
  • And he plunged into the gorge after the men that had disappeared.

Definition of Gorge

(slang) Gorgeous. | (intransitive, reflexive) To stuff the gorge or gullet with food; to eat greedily and in large quantities. [+ on (object)] | (transitive) To swallow, especially with greediness, or in large mouthfuls or quantities.
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