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  • Every brae has had its gory bicker.
  • I could see the gory cut on his forehead.
  • The young man stooped over her, leaning on the gory sword.
  • A gory shell-like hulk slid back to the foot of the ramp.
  • He looked back toward the gory entrance to the Circus.
  • He led me up the gory hill By wood and sodden heath.
  • None of us aboard ever fired a shot from the gory weapon till this day.
  • In heaps the gory dead And livid in the trenches lie!
  • Now round him throng the Fathers, To press his gory hands.
  • Thou canst not say, I did it: never shake Thy gory locks at me.
  • The sportsman's joy, the murd'ring cry, The flutt'ring, gory pinion!

How To Use Gory In A Sentence?

  • Even the gory looking principals hurried forward to see if such welcome news could be true.
  • It was a thing of snow-white beauty, like a dove poising for flight above a gory battlefield.
  • Peter caught a glimpse of a shapeless, battered, gory mass under trampling feet.
  • Bright angels stand around the gory turf on which I lie, ready to escort me to the arms of Jesus.
  • Here, his brains scattered by the deadly wound, The Spanish chief lay on the gory ground.
  • He was completely inundated with a bright red liquid which dripped and trickled down on the floor in numerous gory puddles.
  • Over seventy in all were slaughtered, and their gory bodies piled up in one promiscuous mass in the centre of the square.
  • He gazed in delight and wonder at the gory head of the monster, and the gigantic hilt of the weapon which struck it off.
  • And they look pretty awful on the bare gory stretchers, with no pillows or blankets, just as they are picked up on the field.
  • It is not likely that they were welcomed back from the gory field by the frothy feminine rebels of Richmond.
  • The blade of the huge knife was dripping in a gory manner, and it really looked as if it had just completed a deadly piece of work.
  • At last, as if quite satisfied with his triumph, he lifted his gory head and eyed that voluble figure on top of the rock.
  • At the ensuing presidential contest Lincoln was elected to the presidency, and the gory front of secession was raised.
  • He had been a bloodthirsty villain; scores, perhaps hundreds, of helpless souls on captured craft had perished at his gory hands.
  • Then, seizing it by its gory locks, the Breton chief with a laugh of triumph casts it into the balance.
  • For a soldier coming home from the gory field of honour might speak to his wife of his wounds and his deserts, but I?
  • They ceased, and laid their gory weapons down, Their faithful charioteers' attendant care.
  • Often have I seen sidewalks spattered with blood, and a common sight is that of a couple of policemen leading away a gory victim or culprit.
  • For Maid Margaret also delights in the most gory details, though she would not willingly tread upon a worm.
  • It was a proud moment for Sam when he stood on the edge of the trench and planted Old Gory there while the men cheered.

Definition of Gory

covered with blood, very bloody | unpleasant
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