Got Off In A Sentence

How To Use Got Off In A Sentence?

  • The officers got off with a ludicrously small punishment.
  • We then got off, and he went back.
  • I got off with some trifling bruises and a severe shaking.
  • So the betel-nut got off and she went to take a bath.
  • Now have you got off for the whole day, father?

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Got Off | Got Off Sentence

  • Kathleen got off the bed.
  • John had not yet got off.
  • We got off comfortably.
  • He got off the train here.
  • And they got off with all your money.
  • She got off the bed as she spoke.
  • They could not have got off the island.
  • He got off the subject hurriedly.
  • So it was nearly nightfall before we got off.
  • It was after midday when we got off at last.
  • I got off to lead my horse.
  • This is the rigmarole he got off to me the other day.
  • Carl got off and went in ahead of me.
  • I got off my horse to pick it up.
  • But he knew he had got off cheaply.
  • I was still guessing when he got off.
  • The motorboats and their tows got off into the stream.
  • We seem to have got off that subject altogether.
  • I was well pleased to have got off so easily.
  • So the betel-nut got off and they started.
  • The betel-nut got off the pig.
  • But then the war broke out and she never got off.
  • He got off at the new fortification landing.
  • For mother got off within a few hours.
  • She got off on the right foot this time!
  • Be satisfied that you got off with a whole skin.
  • He also got off serving on the jury.
  • Then that cat got off that slab of rock.
  • He got off with a rather cold bath.
  • I got off one only to board another.
  • She must be got off or there may be danger.
  • It must be got off; but how?
  • He got off his horse and knocked at the door.
  • We got off our horses and went cautiously up to him.
  • You remember the fellow who got off over the first affair.

Definition of Got Off

simple past tense and past participle of get off
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