Got The In A Sentence

How To Use Got The In A Sentence?

  • Yotsuya got the shell of this oyster.
  • Wade has got the gloomiest side out!
  • And myself got the ould ones.
  • The cat got the second.
  • Other questions got the same response.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Got The | Got The Sentence

  • Got the hook thrown into me.
  • It was he who got the information.
  • Have you got the amount?
  • I have got the money.
  • She had got the will made.
  • You have got the scholarship!
  • I got the job for him.
  • Got the observing eye.
  • Hastily they got the bait out.
  • But you got the sovereign?
  • Leigh had got the better of him.
  • But where had she got the skull?
  • Redworth got the directions.
  • Have you got the receipt?
  • Got the telephone in place?
  • Whereat we all got the giggles.
  • I have got the toothache.
  • He got the worst of it.
  • Got the album to prove it.
  • She had just got the letter.
  • Would do it again if he got the chance.
  • I got the best of it.
  • Got the razzle-dazzle.
  • Peter got the fire up.
  • Where was he going when he got the money?
  • He had got the information he required.
  • We got the names from him and checked.
  • She got the letter while we were out riding.
  • She had got the stab she was looking for.
  • I have got the very pony which will suit you.
  • He had got the name he wanted.
  • So you have got the golden apples?
  • He had been to his room and got the box.
  • I got the thing itself down on canvas.
  • Dave got the hydroplane under way again.
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