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  • I gotta have her with me!
  • Gentleman says you gotta shut up.
  • You gotta stand behind me.
  • You gotta wear this thing.
  • You gotta turn in some business!
  • I gotta get to him some other way.
  • You gotta quit insinuating about my ways to me.
  • I gotta feel some sympathy at the home office.
  • You gotta give us a little part in it too.
  • But no, you gotta upset the whole house!
  • Well, then, you gotta get me off!
  • The kid is a quick study, you gotta give him that.
  • I must say I gotta stand all sorts of things in my job.
  • I've gotta go with you.
  • It's gotta be done though.
  • That's the way they gotta be handled.
  • I gotta do it," he concluded with pathetic earnestness.
  • I gotta take you out to-night and buy you the right kind of a dinner.
  • It's awful what I gotta put up with.
  • I gotta tell somebody or the Canyon'll drive me crazy.
  • Ten minutes more: "I gotta do something about it.
  • I may have made a mistake, but I gotta be showed why and wherefore.
  • I remembered something I gotta see about at the 88 before I go to Marysville.
  • The show's gotta go on and some of these rubes like her map.
  • But first I gotta give Nebraska's friends a chance to draw cards.
  • He's gotta be indicted and held for the Grand Jury at Piegan City.

How To Use Gotta In A Sentence?

  • There's gotta be some reason why he's got himself in an uproar about whatever it is.
  • If you believe in any god at all, you gotta have a religious category, and that means priests.
  • But even if we can get old Chin Whisker drunk, the hand has gotta be quicker than the eye.
  • I was going to quit the CG this month, but now I gotta go on working for it till another pay-day.
  • Why, if a feller so much as doubts one of yore reg'lar fish stories you gotta crawl his hump.
  • I gotta three-piece velvet suit for thirty-five dollars, marked down from seventy." ...
  • If you're sufferin' with that little old song and dance about men doin' for you because you're a woman and need it, you gotta get over it.
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