Government in a sentence

Definition of Government

The body with the power to make and/or enforce laws to control a country, land area, people or organization. | (grammar, linguistics) The relationship between a word and its dependents | A group of people who hold a monopoly on the legitimate use of force in a given territory.

How to use Government in a Sentence?

  • For here the question is concerning the order and government of the moral world itself.
  • Is there any consistency, or harmony, in such views respecting the government of the world?
  • He ain't sick enough to be in a government hospital, but he'd be better off if he was.
  • I warned the Government of the folly of removing so many troops from the State.
  • Eaton and Cathcart had recommended it in 1801, and Government approved of the plan.
  • In 1911, was an honorary aerial adviser to the Russian Government on matters aerial.
  • But "Winston" is far less dangerous to the Government as a friend than as a foe.
  • They think every Government tyrannical, which does not allow intire Liberty of Conscience.
  • Discouraging as was the outlook for us personally, we had confidence in the government and in the justice of our cause.
  • Nor is this right confined to cases in which the whole people of an existing government may choose to exercise it.
  • It would be a violation of the will of God for any human government to admit of such a substitution.
  • At length the indignation of government was aroused, and it was determined to ferret out this vermin brood from, the colonies.
  • This is also the usage of the Government Printing Office and of the Oxford University Press.
  • We say, then, that it is a principle of the divine government of the world to impose natural evil or suffering as a means of good.
  • History gives them scant notice, and the Federal government has failed to reward them as they deserve.
  • How far such a display of the divine character is necessary to the ends of the moral government of God can be known only to himself.
  • We must go back to the first time the old dollars had been called in by our Government in exchange for a new issue.
  • For the rest, except for their results, beneficial or otherwise, to the individual citizen, problems of government interested her not at all.
  • The people have waited for marching orders in countless directions, but the Government band has played nothing but a hesitation waltz.
  • The country waited dutifully for the Government to employ the "drastic powers" it had arrogated to itself only a few short weeks before.
  • They were anxious to come to terms with the government of the United States, but not by themselves alone.
  • For the first time in German history their cheers are mingling with those of other parties in support of a Government policy.
  • We are informed in his word, that it is by the redemption of the world, through Christ, that the ends of his moral government are secured.
  • When soldiers serving the Imperial Government are ordered on a campaign, they generally have some warning.
  • The government money, looted from the paymaster, part gold coin and part bills, they had divided, and it was stowed in various places.
  • The husband was a doorkeeper in some Government office, but his time was up, and they were returning to France.
  • The German government and German people looked upon us as all but declared enemies throughout the war.
  • The Peruvian Government has made a special grant for aviation students, and war machines are projected.
  • The case of the mule and his attendant came before the Government of India a few years ago, who decided to improve their status.
  • Smith had been in the Government service, at home and abroad, for more than thirty years, and he was now sixty years old, or close upon it.
  • The German Imperial Government practised this deception on their own people till the last possible moment.

Short Example Sentence for Government

  • Dayton has adopted government by commission.
  • Some sort of government must be instituted at once.
  • The Serbian Government meantime remained imperturbable.
  • His rich income ceased when the State government came into power.
  • Her forefathers had brought representative government to the New World.
  • He was subsequently engaged by the Government for work on Salisbury Plain.
  • The Government of the new Territory of Nevada was an interesting menagerie.
  • The well-beloved government wishes to see me to-day at ten o'clock.
  • Presented 1910 to the Belgian Government by H.M. the King of the Belgians.

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