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  • The messenger of grace and goodness to me.
  • He is said to be full of grace and truth.
  • Her grace and manner charmed us all.
  • That we have lost some grace and elegance is undeniable.
  • There are degrees of grace and degrees of faith.
  • In grace and elegance of manner he has no equal.
  • The act was delightful in its grace and spontaneity.
  • With cheerful grace and amiable sight.
  • Bill admired the grace and the ankles immensely.
  • And grace and beauty wait upon what they do.
  • In grace and elegance of manner he has no equal.
  • Nay, but the law of grace and faith.
  • She arose with easy grace and stood looking down at him.
  • He copied the grace and deportment of the fair sex archly.
  • I love your grace, and all your princely family.
  • I have told all, all: grace and mercy!
  • In pathes of knowledge, grace, and godlinesse.
  • Say your grace and put your chair away, and come along.
  • Grace and Evelyn were better off without her.
  • Grace and Emma exchanged amazed glances.
  • Do we wish to grow in grace and be very holy Christians?
  • God grant in His grace and mercy that it may be so.
  • They should see Ottila; she is all grace and fire.
  • Cecil Grace and the Hon.
  • Betty turned to Grace and Amy.
  • Grace and truth came by Jesus Christ.
  • The eyes of Grace and Sedgwick met.
  • Welcome blessed Spirit of grace and God of all consolation!
  • Rhys (Grace) and Another.
  • Of the Assurance of Grace and Salvation.
  • Mr. Cecil Grace and the Hon.
  • At every meal may we seek Thy grace and give Thee thanks.
  • Mrs. Hamlin, Grace and Sedgwick passed into the parlor.
  • At sight of Grace and Emma, Louise came quickly forward.
  • And they did it with just as good grace and courage as the others.
  • With what courtly grace and reverence he had kissed her hand!
  • Grace and mercy will come to him through set and certain channels.
  • It particularly happens to these great masters of grace and elegance.
  • This little girl had a certain grace and a rare attractiveness.

How To Use Grace And In A Sentence?

  • He will admire the grace and indolence of the most industrious people in the world.
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