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  • After that Grace did not leave the valley.
  • That Grace had changed, he could plainly see.
  • Did Grace know the feeling Mark Grafton had for her?
  • But of course she did wait and with the very best grace in the world.
  • I had the grace to feel ashamed the minute they were spoken.
  • Ristori, who walked along with the grace and dignity of a queen.
  • Thou art highly favoured, for thou hast found grace before him.
  • My sister had the grace to blush slightly, which consoled me a good deal.
  • During his convalescence this time, Grace was with him a good deal.
  • When Grace was strong enough to hear, her father told her all.
  • Mark promised to stay, but the change in Grace cut him to the heart.
  • But this knowledge, instead of drawing Grace to him, piqued her.
  • But what did Mark mean by saying Grace was for neither of them?
  • As for Tilly, she came to worship the very ground that Grace walked on.
  • He had just returned, and Grace was telling him of her encounter with Big Tom.

How To Use Grace In A Sentence?

  • When Grace was about fifteen years of age it was evident that she would be a very beautiful woman.
  • To go away and leave Grace exposed to such a great danger would be to him a torture.
  • One day Grace heard the girls discussing a book which at that time was creating a sensation.
  • Little Grace grew up a true child of the mountains, as wild and free as the birds.
  • The next day Grace feigned a headache, and remained in her room to read the book.
  • That evening Grace swore her room-mate to eternal secrecy, and then showed her the book.
  • The next time Grace saw the boy he was lying in a clean bed, his wounds neatly dressed.
  • Here Grace loved to sit and watch the conflict, and here she was when Tom Hobson rode by.
  • There is a grandeur and even a grace about this bulky beast and its motions well deserving the study of any one who has the opportunity.
  • Possessing every grace of character except humanity, he had failed in life because this one gift was absent.
  • Perhaps Grace had been captivated by his fine appearance after all, and was only waiting for him to propose.
  • It is not to be supposed that such a girl as Grace had lived to be nineteen years of age without admirers.
  • They were good women, severe to themselves and charitable to others, who cultivated the grace of humility almost in excess.
  • As the sound of the horse's hoofs came to her, Grace started as if from a dream.
  • In those earlier days he was a picture to look at, for beauty of feature, perfection of form and grace of carriage and movement.
  • For divine grace supplies, and must supply, the indispensable conditions of holiness; but it does not produce holiness itself.
  • That mention that I have acquired new and great privileges by grace of my age, is not an uncalculated remark.
  • By grace of the chances of war, the two men never met in the field, though they several times came within an ace of it.
  • For several days I enjoyed all the novelty of change and the charms which grace a new lodgings before one has found out their defects.
  • In his imagination he had invested Grace with more than human attributes, and worshipped her from afar, as he would some angelic being.
  • He was an artist of the mills, and had been trying to bring within the rigid lines that were required some of the grace and freedom of Nature.
  • He never had cause to regret his action, for beautiful Grace Garland made a wife of whom any man might be proud.
  • Mr. Chittenden mourned him as such, but Grace maintained that he still lived, and she had good cause for her belief.
  • Earlier readings had led me to expect an endless array of spicy and succulent viands at any table a Lord Mayor might grace with his presence.
  • His figure was not less remarkable for elegance than strength; and he particularly excelled in all those manly exercises and accomplishments in which grace or activity are required.

Definition of Grace

(transitive) To adorn; to decorate; to embellish and dignify. | (transitive) To dignify or raise by an act of favour; to honour. | (transitive) To supply with heavenly grace.
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