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  • Chekalinsky greeted him with a gracious bow.
  • Is our gracious bond a dream?
  • There were no windows to this large and gracious room.
  • He does me wrong, my gracious soveraigne.
  • His gracious offer canst thou call a threat?
  • Come to my gracious Saviour?
  • Then so, my gracious father, may this maid.
  • Oh, gracious Heavens!
  • At the University he lived a sweet and gracious life.
  • Meet, With gracious mien, half-way the royal wish.
  • In her gracious mood she was both affectionate and confidential.
  • I feel again the shameful attraction of those gracious forms.
  • I was very much affected on receiving your gracious letter yesterday.
  • Mrs. Yorke, too, was both pleased and flattered by his gracious manner.
  • In these gracious souls Love stood full-armed, godlike, from birth.
  • To nestle beside thee so lovingly, That was a rapture, gracious and sweet!
  • Mrs. Yorke was at the dinner, too, and how gracious she was to Keith!

How To Use Gracious In A Sentence?

  • His manner, both in conversation and in public speaking, is singularly gracious and winning.
  • His conversation is open, agreeable, and informed; his manners gracious and princely.
  • We had reason also to applaud the gracious and polite Reception which he gave us.
  • I commend myself to your gracious consideration, though I may not appear to deserve it.
  • Are we not bound to render the distress'd The gracious kindness from the gods receiv'd?
  • She lends a gracious Ear to those that speak to her, and returns the kindest Answers.
  • When Thoas comes to-day to speak with thee, Lend to his purposed words a gracious ear.
  • Well may we thank the gracious Gods, good brother, That all things have succeeded to our wish.
  • She bowed with the most gracious smile, the color stealing up into her cheeks and making her look younger.
  • He thought as he worked of this terrible "Thanks for that gracious little speech.
  • She came forward with the others, and welcomed him with her old frank, cordial grasp of the hand and gracious air.
  • She gave him a cordial hand-shake and gracious words of welcome that at once made Keith feel at home.
  • Her dress was of white and violet, the last trace of mourning for her mother, and confessed the gracious droop of her tall and slender body.
  • It was spoken in a right kingly and gracious fashion, and we all held our breath to listen for the answer the Maid should give.
  • The Maid bent her head in gracious acknowledgment, swept through and was off to the river like a flash of white lightning.
  • Her discretion reedified thy life, But she hath prov'd her selfe a gracious wife.
  • The danger of the Gospel of the gracious forgiveness of sins being misapplied has always existed in the Church.
  • The President readily granted her gracious permission for the sophomores to use the Wellington alumnae banner.
  • Now, though the speech was not a very gracious acknowledgment of a proffered service, Loyd took the paper and proceeded to read it.
  • Mr. Penwell is the head of our foreign department," he added in gracious explanation to Keith.
  • I only yesterday received from him a gracious written consent to subscribe to your poems, on account of the services you have rendered to the progress of music.
  • Dearest Jerome, you must rejoice over these onslaughts of the devil, because they are a sure sign that you have a gracious and merciful God.
  • He adjusted his eye-glasses, looked at the pass, and called for a pen; Bucks had never lost his gracious way of doing very little things.

Definition of Gracious

kind and warmly courteous | tactful | compassionate
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