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  • The hydrometer is a sealed glass tube, with a graduated scale somewhat resembling a thermometer.
  • It is graduated usually from 25° to 36°, corresponding to specific gravities 1.029 to 1.038.
  • This precocious boy entered Harvard College at eleven and graduated at fifteen.
  • He graduated from Harvard College in 1671 and finally became a justice of the peace.
  • I had every thing to pay for, and clothing to buy, so I graduated within three weeks!
  • Born in Philadelphia, he graduated from the College of Philadelphia and began the practice of law.
  • Born in Northampton, Mass., he graduated from Yale and was then made a tutor there.
  • Had he not graduated with honors and degree of A. M. from the University of Jerusalem?
  • He graduated at the Melbourne University, then took a special course for the degree of M. D.
  • This combination of effects ought to precede and follow each exercise within the graduated limit assigned to it.
  • To make the determination, a graduated tube is filled with water and inverted in a vessel of water.
  • John had graduated with honors after four years of college work, which was marked by the thorough and earnest application on his part.
  • The first class was graduated in 1873, and ten years thereafter the graduating class numbered thirty-five.
  • The east gable has three graduated windows, that to the transept aisle a quatrefoil within a dog-toothed circle.
  • In measuring the volumes of gases collected in graduated tubes or other receivers, over a liquid as illustrated in Fig.
  • Was appointed to the Military Academy, West Point, at the age of 16, and was graduated June, 1829.
  • Owing to its conjugate movement it is accurate, possesses a uniform graduated dial and is not affected by vibration or variation of temperature.
  • The usual convention in tragedy was to clothe the characters in elaborate priestly dress with ritual masks carefully graduated according to the rank of the character.
  • It is suggested that this quantity should be measured out by means of a glass graduated vessel, and then that an aluminium cup should be cut down so as to hold the exact quantity.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Graduated | Graduated Sentence

  • Food to be graduated by, 97.
  • Fisk graduated classes of usual size.
  • Saw young ladies who had graduated as doctors.
  • This is a graduated tube about 60 cm.
  • A glass measure graduated regularly.
  • It is graduated to degrees and half degrees.
  • Wollaston had not graduated first in his class in the academy the year before.
  • Four students were graduated from the academy and normal course.
  • He lowered a graduated tape into it, provided with an automatic register.
  • His graduated scale of seein' things was different from our'n.
  • Most of these Indians have graduated from the old-time tepee.
  • The parents of none of these students have graduated from Talladega.
  • He had graduated at the University, but had found it of little use.
  • He graduated from Harvard College in 1829 after writing much college verse.
  • Cassell's Graduated Copy-Books.
  • Unlike his predecessors Harvey and Cotton, he had graduated at no University.
  • Probably Harvard College is here included, as Lowell graduated there.
  • Miss Whitie Hocker graduated at the Sayer Institute last week.
  • He graduated B.A. in 1836, and became an assistant-master at Rugby.
  • Born in New York, he graduated from Union College and later went on the stage.

Definition of Graduated

(obsolete) In steps. | Having a university degree; having completed training. | Marked with graduations.
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