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  • The grafters glanced at each other.
  • The military traitors and grafters are in jail.
  • He took care of the grafters when I was boss canvas man.
  • He took care of the grafters when I was boss canvas man.
  • Many of our principal cheap politicians and grafters are educated men.
  • I've routed out hereditary grafters and looters.
  • They're the smoothest and slickest set of grafters in the world.

How To Use Grafters In A Sentence?

  • I stayed in Dresden a week, and when I left there were six grafters lined up with their claws out.
  • He was about as sick of the country as I was, for the grafters were squeezing him for half the profits of his rosewood and rubber.
  • As the grafters viewed it, the threatened revolution was a one-man government, and if that man could be removed the danger would vanish.
  • The reformers thought it meant a clean bill; the grafters thought it would be a gang more lavish than Shaughnessy had been.

Definition of Grafters

plural of grafter
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