Gramophone In A Sentence

How To Use Gramophone In A Sentence?

  • The place is furnished with a billiard table and a gramophone with three badly worn records.
  • The singing stopped suddenly, but the gramophone continued to bray out its vulgar tune.
  • I skipped a gramophone emporium and a baby-linen shop and entered a fishmonger's.
  • The gramophone ran down with a horrible grind, but its owner only looked at it dully and took no notice.
  • Until some day there is a javelin in the wall, and a proud black man goes away with a gramophone into the wilderness.
  • When at home his private band officiated; when he was on his travels a musical-box or gramophone supplied the necessary melody.
  • The gramophone records in my convolutions were so badly scratched that I can hardly decipher a line of them.
  • The gramophone will give us the actual notes of the singer, but it depends upon ourselves as to whether we catch the real thing or not.
  • Stanley took the gramophone into another hut, and planked it down somewhat roughly on a table, evidently made by an amateur.
  • There was a click and two doors, ludicrously like the doors which deaden the volume of gramophone music, flew open.
  • In increasing measure the teaching of music appreciation is coming into vogue, and as an aid to this the piano-player and gramophone are demonstrating their value.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gramophone | Gramophone Sentence

  • The gramophone continued.
  • Then below the gramophone began.
  • Are there no gramophone records of such things?
  • But suddenly the gramophone began to play.
  • Twenty minutes later the sound of a gramophone percolated the house.
  • Over the wire she could hear the gramophone playing again in the studio.

Definition of Gramophone

(Britain, dated) A record player.
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