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  • Also from my granddaughter was taken a ring.
  • It is only the granddaughter I am interesting myself in.
  • Mrs. Brady looked at her granddaughter wonderingly.
  • Jasko has a granddaughter about your age, named Sara.
  • She was the daughter of unreason and the granddaughter of folly.
  • Her little granddaughter once came up to her room crying bitterly.
  • What 'll you and that snivelin' granddaughter of his do then?
  • Her mother was a granddaughter of one of the early colonial governors.
  • His granddaughter Clementine left off her mourning about a year since.
  • She was blind; and her granddaughter was reading the Bible to her.
  • She was the granddaughter of the other Mary, the original Mary.
  • In passing through the Library, we saw a granddaughter of the Poet.
  • Charlotte of the Palatinate was a granddaughter of Elizabeth Stuart.
  • Island, a granddaughter of William Floyd, one of the New York Signers.
  • Gladstone's granddaughter was there and several members of the Cabinet.
  • Howard; great granddaughter of John Howard of Duxbury and Rev. James Keith.
  • She was the granddaughter of Agrippa d'Aubigne, the historian.
  • W. B. Coleman, of Kentucky, and a granddaughter of Chief Justice Marshall.

How To Use Granddaughter In A Sentence?

  • But his own granddaughter was under less compulsion to assume what she did not feel.
  • The life of my granddaughter is more valuable to-day than that of any king or queen.
  • Catty, your granddaughter never comes to the school now that she has got leave.
  • The grandfather and granddaughter rose from the rustic bench and walked slowly toward the house.
  • He has lived in a wheeled chair for ten years and has to go wherever his granddaughter wheels him.
  • His little baby granddaughter had been looked out for by some kind friends in Boston.
  • The granddaughter of Fougas does not marry with an annuity of eight thousand francs.
  • To the old man's joy he saw his granddaughter led to the dais where Alfred's wife sat.
  • The amazing granddaughter of Peter Jasko followed, taking the steps as nimbly as a monkey.
  • Euphemia was the daughter of King Atlas and the granddaughter of the great god Jupiter.
  • Admiral Meredith met his granddaughter in New York, and the rest of the trip was made with him.
  • Our little party included Oo-koo-hoo, his wife Ojistoh, their granddaughter Neykia, and myself.
  • Mrs. Clinton was a granddaughter of Philip Livingston, the Signer, and married at a mature age.
  • Neither his two partners nor himself had given much thought to the granddaughter of the sick man in the upper room.
  • She looked at her new granddaughter in bewilderment, as if a strange sort of creature had suddenly laid claim to relationship.
  • That he should imagine that Wickersham had any serious idea of marrying the granddaughter of a backwoods magistrate!
  • Know that the young lady whom you have just seen is the granddaughter of your maternal grandfather, Chandasinha.
  • Captain Eri felt that this granddaughter should be notified of the old man's illness at once.
  • Your granddaughter has rejected me so decidedly that I cannot presume to suppose a change in her opinion possible.
  • The immediate object of her visit was to take her little granddaughter Cecilita a doll which the maid had just finished dressing.
  • It was the custom for her husband and granddaughter to attend church Thanksgiving morning, while she stayed at home and cooked the dinner.
  • Landlady is the great granddaughter of Governor Endicott, and has all the notions of greatest family.

Definition of Granddaughter

The daughter of someone's child.
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