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Definition of Grandest

superlative form of grand: most grand

How To Use Grandest In A Sentence?

  • She had peculiar notions, but the grandest notion she ever had was to make you happy.
  • Here the voyagers were abreast of some of the grandest heights of the Cordilleras.
  • Then commenced one of the grandest and most pathetic "retreats" history has any record of.
  • And me, star idiot of the world, it seemed the grandest thing that had ever happened.
  • And so, at little cost, we have made one of the grandest and most beautiful journeys conceivable.
  • Then they enjoyed one of the grandest spectacles that Nature can offer to the gaze of man.
  • To me your friendship is the grandest thing I know, but what can mine mean to you?
  • The two grandest expressions of Jewish genius immediately preceded the national downfall.
  • The grandest and most renowned of all these amphitheatres is the Coliseum at Rome.
  • The grandest of the three temples is that assigned, probably enough, to Poseidon.
  • Wollaston Lee, standing there, seemed to her the very grandest man whom she had ever seen.
  • Davit would lauch 'at the grandest thochts, whaur they only fill the true humorist wi' awe.
  • It was he who bred the immortal Common, one of the grandest horses that ever won the Derby.
  • In this statistical catalogue of three words, is found the grandest record of Christian College.
  • With him earthworks were the grandest achievements of humanity, and there was no such civiliser as a parliamentary train.
  • Undoubtedly his "Descent from the Cross," now in the Antwerp Cathedral, is his grandest work.
  • And though there might be only potatoes and milk for dinner, she would eat as if she were seated at the grandest banquet.
  • His own is almost the grandest of all, and is on a lake fringed with feathery trees which weave a gold-green network across the blue.
  • For the grandest funeral here no more than $25 is paid, which would be equal to $12 of our money.
  • From that day forward she wore white velvet and satin; she had seven pages, and lived in the grandest part of the palace.
  • He just gazed, which was better; and they were looking their grandest that day, like the walls of castles turned into mountains.
  • The enterprising man, who sold it at twelve, goes out to buy one of the grandest estates within ten miles of the city.
  • The Prince made no answer to her terrible threat, and the witch went ahead and made preparation for the grandest of weddings.
  • The secret of those forces that carry awe when manifested in their grandest power, has a key-note, which, begun here, is carried upwards.
  • This, too, had a great deal of snow on it, and there were white clouds floating round the top; it was the grandest sight in the whole view.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grandest | Grandest Sentence

  • The country was the grandest that can be imagined.
  • It was the grandest year of my life.
  • It is the grandest object of humanity.
  • This will be the realest trance and the grandest fake.
  • But the grandest scene of all is yet to come.
  • It was the grandest transformation scene ever witnessed.
  • Honest, business men make the grandest husbands!
  • It was the grandest storm I ever witnessed.
  • What is all this compared to the grandest of all masters of harmony above!
  • The revolution would have been the grandest success of the world.
  • But why despise one of the grandest moral forces in the universe?
  • In the grandest scale he is called a financier; in the meanest, a pickpocket.
  • It was one of the oldest, largest, and grandest edifices in the city.
  • Where the Palisades are the grandest is just as high up as Yonkers.
  • This is the grandest idea I ever had, and I have carried it out, too.
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