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How To Use Grandiose In A Sentence?

  • Within sixty seconds he sat in state, wearing a grandiose yellow dressing-gown.
  • But surely it is more and more clearly proved that prose is the suitable medium for such grandiose themes as these.
  • There's something grandiose about that, to say nothing of the superior honesty of the position.
  • His grandiose political structure began to crumble, for it was built on the shifting sands of a fickle popularity.
  • There is little of the strictly picturesque and still less of the grandiose in the French landscape.
  • One thus sees dawning afresh the eternal hope of co-ordinating all natural phenomena in one grandiose and imposing synthesis.
  • Hysteria, however, shows a different picture, for it is usually characterized by most grandiose amnesias.
  • The execution of those grandiose schemes was facilitated by the easy access which Germany had to the principal markets of the globe.
  • Lamson carried her poor little effects and the hateful, grandiose hatbox into the living-room where one day she had regained her scattered senses.
  • The cooler climate rendered a clerestory less necessary, and there was never the same passion for grandiose effects as in Italy.
  • I have known for many years one person who unites in a normal experience your grandiose abstractions of Christianity and Hellenism.
  • The Pan-Turanian thinkers were assuredly evolving a body of doctrine grandiose enough to satisfy the most ambitious hopes.
  • East and west, therefore, the grandiose plan of the Persian despot fell in ruin, and with it fell the prestige and the power of the empire.
  • Hereditary Saxons are not to be the expedient this time, it would seem; a grandiose Czarina has decided otherwise.
  • The new genius who was ruling France had in mind something more grandiose than a war with the American Republic.
  • But for certain grandiose conceptions which had a charm for the imagination and fascinated the religious sentiment, his name need not be mentioned in this little incidental record at all.
  • He handed the little cup in grandiose manner to Paul, and Paul, meeting his humor, accepted it in like fashion.
  • The little establishment amuses rather than disappoints; and though it scarcely justifies its grandiose title, it commands a view that no doubt suggested the name to its proprietor.
  • Such is the grandiose conception of the kosmos given by the science of antiquity; one life, pulsing into innumerable vibrations, and these throwing matter into forms.
  • It is realism pure and simple; and the contrast between the death of the peasant and of the lady is left to inference, made all the stronger by the unexpected and grandiose finale in the death of the tree.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Grandiose | Grandiose Sentence

  • This is the grandiose scheme.
  • His leaders had more grandiose projects in view.
  • This vague and grandiose title tranquillized her.
  • Ce chemin est grandiose et pittoresque.
  • The inundation then appeared to us in all its grandiose horror.
  • There had been the first, memory of whose grandiose figure lingered still.
  • The proclamation, if a little grandiose in style, is true to the letter.
  • In Turner there is a feeling for the grandiose such as few moderns possess.
  • His grandfather a painter of the grandiose or Michael Angelo school.
  • Boyd's grandiose wave of a hand took in all the papers on the desk.
  • Then Rimbaud's grandiose Odyssey through the entire world began.

Definition of Grandiose

large and impressive, in size, scope or extent | pompous or pretentious
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