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  • Her grandparents were not aware of her existence.
  • His grandparents then take him into their school.
  • Children may resemble grandparents rather than parents.
  • Lynn stayed with her grandparents in Utah that time.
  • Where did your parents and grandparents live when they were children?
  • Lots of us don't know what our grandparents was in Africa.
  • The two Grandparents are still sitting close to the fire, one on each side.
  • Back of thy parents and grandparents lies The Great Eternal Will.

How To Use Grandparents In A Sentence?

  • There are those who still gather these fruits as their parents and grandparents did.
  • The grandparents of his wife are in the same classes but with reversal as regards the sex.
  • Father and son went away; and the grandparents thought that the little boy had grown.
  • The economic situation is such today that few young people can marry at the age when their grandparents did.
  • The means which her grandparents had provided for their old age had been nearly spent during their long illness.
  • Now our commercial clubs meet together alternate months, and about seventeen babies in our town have proud grandparents up there.
  • The parents, grandparents, and great grandparents of a given pony have all been perfect in every point.
  • If the grandparents are not selected, it is an act of courtesy to select the godmother, and allow her to designate the godfather.
  • Yonder goes a whole family, grandparents and all, making a direct course for some favorite stream and camp-ground.
  • And now she and Herbert were waiting for the arrival of the travellers, whom their grandparents had driven to the station to meet.
  • Our grandparents married in the days of covered wagons and sodhouses and drought; a dash of their spirit is a good ingredient in a modern marriage.
  • He did not know what to say; and he gave his grandparents the impression of a quiet, subdued child, who was not happy.
  • I cannot say; but this I know, that the grandparents of most of these boys and girls were once young with me.
  • So unless your grandparents have at least ten grandchildren, your family stock is dying out, and the country is suffering two great losses.
  • He came again, and asked me questions concerning my father and mother; what my grandparents died of; and whether any of my family were strumous.
  • Disfranchisement of all Jews whose parents and grandparents were not all native-born American citizens.
  • Many men have to see dentists, and lots of men have grandparents in Scotland who display signs of dying suddenly.
  • My grandparents would never speak directly of it, being prudent persons, and knowing, conceivably, more than it was becoming for them to tell.
  • By then she would be able to decide whether to take her baby out to India, or leave him behind in the care of the grandparents and a capable nurse.
  • It was once when her mother was away visiting and her less rigidly strict grandparents had let her stay up evenings and attend revival meetings with them.
  • A hush fell over the children as they scrambled out of the carriage after their mother, and waited till their grandparents were ready to notice them.
  • It seemed a long distance to Ann Mary, and she felt sure that her grandparents could not come home that night.
  • She began by repulsing the proffered acquaintance of many families of great wealth and fashion, who either did not know their grandparents or were ashamed of them.
  • If people are ready for a baby in all other ways and only money keeps them from parenthood, the prospective grandparents often feel it their duty to help in this way.
  • If he possessed children at the time of his divorce, the whole dowry and the fine went to the children, and was held for them by their grandparents or other responsible relatives.
  • The bride can hardly be expected to laugh, and even when she is happiest, she is thoughtful and talks little; the grandparents are always intent upon preserving their dignity.

Definition of Grandparents

Third-person singular simple present indicative form of grandparent | plural of grandparent
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