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  • Lignite, copper, graphite and silver are also found.
  • And when they went they drained off the liquid graphite and took it with them.
  • Gray cast iron; carbon as graphite (enlarged 500 times) 4.
  • Small graphite crucibles with covers, as shown in section, in Fig.

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  • In this way graphite can be cheaply produced in any desired quantity and quality.
  • Carbon, at all events in the state of graphite and diamond, has been got from them.
  • Then, with a graphite writing instrument that he had found, he drew a diagram on the floor.
  • When graphite was first used for pencils, it was cut into slabs and these slabs into small strips.
  • The substance to be heated is placed in a vessel, usually a graphite crucible, just below the arc.
  • The graphite from veins was nearly pure carbon, containing from 97·6 to 99·8 per cent.
  • The broken and powdered graphite was not used until it was discovered that it could be mixed with clay and so made into sticks.
  • These are primarily due to variations in the graphite electrodes used in the electrolytic process for the manufacture of chlorine from salt.
  • The smooth, slippery scales of graphite in suspension slide over each other easily and keep the bearings from rubbing against each other.
  • Superfluous graphite is then removed by copious washing, an extremely fine film of graphite adhering to the wax.
  • If the cooling goes on slowly, the carbon partially separates as flakes of graphite which remain scattered through the metal.
  • Finely ground and flocculent graphite treated with tannin may be held in suspension in liquids and even pass through filter-paper.
  • Since graphite is infusible and incombustible except at exceedingly high temperatures, it is extensively used for crucibles and electrodes.
  • When graphite was introduced, its mark was so black that people called it black lead, and the name has stuck.
  • The diamond is practically pure carbon, while graphite and coal are largely carbon, but contain small amounts of other substances.
  • It is graphite mixed with fine clay to give it the desired degree of hardness that forms the filling of our "lead" pencils.
  • The impressed side of the wax is coated with graphite and the impression is made the cathode in an electrolytic cell containing a copper salt in solution.
  • The Kellogg Company has long employed for its sneak-current arrester a short graphite rod, which forms the resistance element.
  • An inlet and outlet are provided at each end of the tank to permit the direction of the flow to be periodically reversed for the purpose of removing the lime deposit from the graphite plates.
  • A soft brush and very finely powdered graphite are used; the superfluous powder being removed, and the face of the type cleaned by the palm of the hand.
  • A current of electricity is passed through it, and wherever the graphite is, a shell of copper is deposited, which is exactly like the face of the type.
  • The cell box is built of concrete and is provided with a perforated wrought iron cathode box and graphite anode plates which are separated by an unsubmerged asbestos paper diaphragm.
  • Many attempts have been made to produce diamonds artificially, but for a long time these always ended in failure, graphite and not diamonds being the product obtained.
  • After the reaction is completed there is left a core of graphite G. Surrounding this core is a layer of crystallized carborundum C, about 16 in.
  • In the presence of baryta, strontia can be detected by the following process: mix some of the substance under examination with some pure graphite and water, by grinding in an agate mortar.

Definition of Graphite

An allotrope of carbon, consisting of planes of carbon atoms arranged in hexagonal arrays with the planes stacked loosely, that is used as a dry lubricant and in "lead" pencils. | Short for graphite-reinforced plastic, a composite plastic made with graphite fibers noted for light weight strength and stiffness. | A grey colour.
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