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  • Advice gratis is never valued at its true worth.
  • I 'll take your service gratis and tell him so.
  • They do not believe in wasting anything obtained gratis from the company.
  • In those I send you there is not a feature bestowed gratis or exaggerated.
  • Here's yer real 'apenny ices laid on free gratis for nothing.
  • The State provides (and gratis too) Establishments for such as you.

How To Use Gratis In A Sentence?

  • That is the sort of piffle that is supplied gratis to the newspapers in this country.
  • I do not think it is right that you should furnish your publications gratis any longer.
  • He was apprehended, and carried gratis to a jail in the town whither he desired to go.
  • It may be had Gratis on application, or sent by Post on Receipt of a postage label to frank it.
  • And the blessing of the holy fathers who have prepared the beverages for your repast will be given you gratis in addition to their liquors.
  • At this time the servants were admitted gratis to the upper gallery of the theatre on the conclusion of the fourth act of the play of the evening.
  • Blackie presented him with a dig gratis from his orange dagger, and he nearly fell in fluttering to another branch.
  • It is not easy to dance with such ornaments as are provided free and gratis by the paternal Prince to curb an exuberance of spirits.
  • The dramatic poets, it may be noted, were admitted gratis to the theatres, and duly took their places among the spectators.
  • In these the children are instructed either gratis or for a very trifling weekly payment, which all parents save those in indigent circumstances can easily afford.
  • This bit of advice is given gratis and by way of friendly return for the favor of your grace over Sabbath on the modest demand you make.
  • One of them will send him a nondescript garment, and will assure him that if he will allow his crew to row in dress of that build he and they shall be robed gratis in it, and be assured of victory.
  • Gave a few drops gratis to a poor woman who was earning a precarious subsistence by making calico shirts with a one-eyed needle, and the next day she was discovered to be heir to a large fortune.

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Free, without charge. | Free, without charge.
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