Gratitude In A Sentence

Definition of Gratitude

The state of being grateful.

How To Use Gratitude In A Sentence?

  • And will not their chief gratitude stray beyond the creditor to their benevolent substitute?
  • The tone of his voice, expressing his gratitude and trust, made her want him all the more.
  • And he proved the devoutness of his gratitude by conscientiously getting drunk every Friday.
  • I still remember with infinite gratitude the great-uncle to whom I owe my bricks.
  • As the Tree-Fairy stopped talking there were tears of gratitude and happiness in her eyes.
  • Section V. The foregoing treatise may be deemed inconsistent with gratitude to God.
  • Not a single syllable of gratitude for the generous love that had so forgotten self in admiration for another.
  • Her transports were unbounded; and mingled with them were enthusiastic ejaculations of gratitude to her deliverer.
  • This devotion with which the staff is consecrated to altruistic labor is met by a spirit of buoyant gratitude from those on whom they minister.
  • His anxiety for instruction is intense; he listens like a child; and his gratitude is most touching.
  • He is all broken up, but more with gratitude towards us for saving his life the night of the storm than anything else.
  • Other nations gaining that esteem and gratitude which England should so jealously acquire and guard.
  • But when he put out hands of gratitude and compassion to her, she seemed like the dream woman to elude them without moving.
  • He was always most respectful to me, and I owe him gratitude for many kindnesses which increased my comfort.
  • And you expect me perhaps after this to kiss your feet in a transport of gratitude while I hug the pride of your words to my breast.
  • In a transport of gratitude he threw himself on his knees, and gave thanks to God for this unlooked-for help.
  • We may learn gratitude as well as vigilance from cranes, foresight from ants, modesty from elephants, and loyalty from horses.
  • But neither from his misfortunes, nor from his returning prosperity, had Leopold learned the lesson of gratitude or humility.
  • I hope to be able to prove my gratitude for your patience with my nephew, that I may not always remain your debtor.
  • So saying, she held out her hand to Selina, who returned the proffered courtesy with a glow of gratitude for the unexpected kindness.
  • Her face was flushed and miserable looking, but she was allowing Constance to arrange her pillows with something like gratitude in her long eyes.
  • But on our principles, while we have infinite ground for gratitude to God, we also have some little room for gratitude to our fellow-men.
  • Her birthday came just after Whitsuntide, and, in token of the love and gratitude of the whole community, was to be celebrated with special pomp.
  • If the White Pilgrim would obey her summons, with what gratitude she would cling to his filmy raiment!
  • Perry also gained the gratitude of the Moravians, in whose district the contest took place, by his care in relieving the inevitable evils of war.
  • But, though utterly unable to repay the unspeakable beneficence of God, gratitude affords an humble compensation suited to our limited powers.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Gratitude | Gratitude Sentence

  • The name of the pig showed the gratitude of the family.
  • Pinkey nodded, his eyes full of gratitude and suffering.
  • But how am I to prove my gratitude to you?
  • However, gratitude is felt by Iwa.
  • Anent which gratitude I shall have more to say anon.
  • My gratitude owe I to you, not alone have I conquered!
  • Charming fell at her feet and expressed his gratitude and joy.
  • As to your proposal, it merits both gratitude and consideration.
  • Apafi could scarcely find words to express his gratitude for such an offer.
  • Looking backwards, we are right: in our gratitude we do not err.
  • Coryna did not speak, but her expressive face told her gratitude and hope.
  • The foregoing treatise may be deemed inconsistent with gratitude to God.
  • O'Iwa's heart leaped with gratitude at the perspicacity of Jibei.
  • I don't know how to express my gratitude for such an honour.

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