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  • But this is a mere gratuitous assumption.
  • He flung a filthy and gratuitous expression my way.
  • A singular step towards gratuitous loans!
  • Monkeys alone share this gift of gratuitous curiosity.
  • But this charge strikes me as being just as gratuitous as the first.
  • Clerical garb might be considered by them as a gratuitous insult.
  • Jean could not ride off under the sting of that gratuitous insult.
  • Another evidence of lack of finish is offering gratuitous advice.
  • He seems, however, to have spared her this gratuitous insult.
  • The suggestion was so gratuitous that Miss Broad was startled.

How To Use Gratuitous In A Sentence?

  • It is a completely gratuitous assumption to suppose that it will ever lose that sufficiency.
  • One may be entirely truthful without bestowing gratuitous advice and admonition.
  • Still, from all that appears, the compensation thus received was honorary or gratuitous merely.
  • It is a gratuitous criticism to say that Christians must not revile when they are reviled.
  • She mistook my rage at the gratuitous insults Spalton had heaped on me as despondency.
  • I tried to find a gratuitous coign of vantage, but (I am sorry to add) unsuccessfully.
  • The "Liga" made gratuitous distribution of clothing, of boots, of school-books and so forth.
  • Does not the gratuitous ingenuity of the young bipeds indicate a far higher degree of intelligence?
  • This deluge of worthless periodicals and books can be counteracted only by gratuitous supplies from the public library.
  • He was needlessly rough and severe in the discharge of his duty, and the irons were a gratuitous indignity.
  • To say that she did not feel a little annoyance mingled with some chagrin, is to do her a gratuitous injustice.
  • In consequence, they have imagined many gratuitous suppositions to explain the union of the soul with the body.
  • The dissolution of our magnificent library is already insidiously begun; and why is all this gratuitous and irreparable mischief to be done?
  • His skill as a physician was very considerable, and seems to have been applied chiefly to the gratuitous relief of his poorer neighbours.
  • It may be that she floored the Captain and that the other rounded off the job with that gratuitous touch.
  • A queer woman, choosing to go to war with the world and infinitely enjoying the gratuitous conflict which she had herself provoked!
  • People flocked from all quarters to enjoy the gratuitous entertainments, and a form of sacred musical art resulted that derived from them its name.
  • He was then informed that the House could not permit this formal and gratuitous denial of its authority to pass unnoticed.
  • She has the hardihood to tell us of the poor Dalmatians who were being bribed with waterworks and bridges and gratuitous doctoring.
  • There is too little connected incident in Marmion, and a great deal too much gratuitous description.
  • There are few who value gratuitous counsel; the many prefer to buy experience, though it should prove to be at the price of future pain and regret.
  • It was then that I wished for a second-class car, to save the old woman from such gratuitous effrontery.
  • Written in a style which is in itself a matter for decipherment, it is full of absurdities and gratuitous mistakes, and {38} is entirely worthless.
  • To have told such a lie, such an uncalled-for, useless, gratuitous lie, is a thing he could not have done.
  • It seems gratuitous to refer to the natural weakness of so pure and good a man as Wordsworth, but we have tried to be impartial in these pages.
  • Where was the gratuitous injury in all these four years that had not been Bobby Roper's work?
  • Since that, Pringle had suffered, unprotesting, more gratuitous insults than he had met in all the rest of his stormy years.
  • Yet there are few philosophical writers who have made a larger number of gratuitous assumptions, or who have abounded more in contradictory statements.
  • The moon threw a jaundiced light over my mind, and in its discolored glare I saw things wrongly, and with gratuitous pain to myself.
  • And thus, partly by an ambiguity of language, partly by an arbitrary and gratuitous assumption, he excludes the possibility of Creation altogether.

Definition of Gratuitous

Given freely; unearned. | unjustified or unnecessary.; not called for by the circumstances
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