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  • And Theseus graved their everlasting league.
  • Alicia closed her lips, and a faint line graved itself on each side of them.

How To Use Graved In A Sentence?

  • On the top of the armring there was a small fingerring with a rune graved upon it.
  • As he came nearer he was a simple old countryman with a deeply graved face and unkempt air.
  • Clean living had made the healthy skin, and the lines graved in it were honest lines.
  • The picture of the small brigantine, fighting for existence, had graved itself in her memory.
  • Centre Stone of the Crown of the World, "Sincerity" graved on your youth!
  • Heavy lines had graved themselves about his mouth, and beneath drawn brows his eyes glowed like sombre fires.
  • He had come back to be a hero to Althea, with evidences of his heroism graved on his own bruised form.
  • In her breast she hid a dagger with dragon-lines graved on it, and upon her forehead she wrote the name of the Great God.
  • In this marble floor was sunk a great sarcophagus of granite, and on its lid were graved the name and titles of the Queen of Menkau-ra.
  • But no laws can alter, and no statutes modify, those great principles of moral conduct which are graved indelibly on the conscience of all classes of men.

Definition of Graved

simple past tense of grave

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