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  • Around these illustrious planets gravitated satellites.
  • Only by mechanical attraction he gravitated into line with us.
  • We gravitated toward it with an almost irresistible impulse.
  • Whereat Buster gravitated to East Gloucester, as the needle to the pole.

How To Use Gravitated In A Sentence?

  • Seeking new fields to conquer, he naturally gravitated to the money centre, New York.
  • At the outset, the centre to which the affairs of the country gravitated was in the extreme north of the valley.
  • Around this trio gravitated all the rest, but graceful and light as the mists which float at sun-rise.
  • The first two or three had, by chance perhaps, dropped into this room and the rest gravitated shyly to it.
  • After dinner the men loafed out and gravitated lazily toward the corral, where they stood eying the horses and commenting on this and that pony.
  • From every section of the settlement the people gravitated to my claim; they came with their needs, with their plans, with their questions.
  • Although the days were hot and clear, the nights were cool, and the two parties naturally gravitated toward each other around the camp fires.
  • Agnes gravitated to scrapes as naturally as she breathed, but she got out of them, too, as a usual thing without suffering any serious harm.
  • An informal dance was the order of the evening and Willa and the young engineer gravitated to a seat on the stairs after a romping fox-trot.
  • In the morning he gravitated to his friend again, and in a burst of confidence, related the outcome of his having adopted the course that had been advised.
  • Later Mac arrived with beer, a loaf of rye bread and Jan, who gravitated at once by permanent instinct to the cheese.
  • Somehow the Indian had gravitated to me at meal times, and now he sat cross-legged beside me, holding out his plate and looking as hungry as Moze.
  • As the hotels and lodging-houses were nothing but kennels, and very crowded kennels, it followed that the entire population gravitated to the saloons and gambling places.
  • More often than not, however, it is found that the pus has been liberated too late, and that it has gravitated in the sheath to the extent of affecting the plantar aponeurosis.
  • If, in its present stage of development, it gravitated toward anything in particular, it would have been a well-dressed white birch growing on an irreproachable lawn.

Definition of Gravitated

simple past tense and past participle of gravitate
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