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  • We had been gravitating steadily downward.
  • Of the particles gravitating to it the heavier become heaped up in the center.
  • She found herself naturally gravitating over to see Beatrice.

How To Use Gravitating In A Sentence?

  • Apart from any intrinsic merit underlying the new system there were many causes at work, all gravitating towards its general acceptance.
  • Around him are grouped planets, in number eight principal, formed of solid and obscure matter, gravitating round the central orb.
  • Light as the comet's substance is, it is not, however, light enough to escape the grasp of the sun's gravitating attraction.
  • Jupiter, the colossal planet, gravitating at a distance of 475,693,000 miles, may be reckoned as 70,000,000 centuries old.
  • The law of merits and demerits is the immediate answer to the question; it might be added thereto, the necessity of acquiring merits and gravitating towards perfection.
  • This was the real matter in question, the author was taken up on his own premises, and the results he assumed to follow from them proved to be inconsistent with the unquestionable laws of gravitating matter.
  • He joined our society some years ago, though he is not always with us, gravitating invariably towards all the races, horse and cattle fairs of the country.

Definition of Gravitating

present participle of gravitate
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