Great And In A Sentence

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Great And | Great And Sentence

  • Troubles great and small.
  • You are great and good.
  • O great and glorious!
  • Be a great and a good man.
  • We were in for a great and stirring time.
  • What a great and noble thought!
  • This is a great and pernicious error.
  • He had a great and universal mind.
  • Great and wonderful things have happened.
  • A great and original stroke!
  • That will make you great and glorious.
  • It was a great and terrible fight.
  • He was a great and honorable ruler.
  • How great and cool the rooms!
  • Imagine that they are the great and enlightened public.
  • It is a great and silent devotion.
  • As great and full of hopes as yours?
  • The fender was very great and brassy.
  • Is not this a great and useful work?
  • Those are great and unselfish acts.
  • Some have been named after great and good men.
  • This ought to be a great and successful invention.
  • King was an object of great and curious interest.
  • Yours is a nature of great and unexpected possibilities.
  • No palace too great and no cottage too small.
  • He promised a great and prosperous future for him.
  • You are in my eyes the great and good man.
  • They new his great and respected name.
  • This lays him under a great and serious responsibility.
  • Fix our lives in a great and brave integrity.
  • All the abandon of great and strong birds are ours.
  • Between great and small it makes no distinction.
  • The enterprise is great and worthy of their heroism.
  • A great and terrible war is coming.
  • Persuade us that it is for some great and good end.

How To Use Great And In A Sentence?

  • Then he took his great and tender resolution.
  • Soon a great and grisly beast will appear.
  • Yet great and momentous results have been achieved.
  • This is the thought of a great and penetrating critic.
  • Do you think he will become great and respected?

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