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  • It was great fun for the cat.
  • We have great fun there in the summer.
  • There they had great fun and a real mystery.
  • That made great fun indeed.
  • It was great fun for the girls and their boy friend.
  • We have great fun on the yacht every summer.
  • It was great fun and not easy for beginners like we were.
  • The Curlytops had great fun when Daddy Martin came.
  • It's really great fun there.
  • But the majority thought it would be great fun to see what was hidden there.
  • Such recreation is good for you physically, and great fun besides.
  • There are often setting races at local regattas, and great fun they are.
  • We ate up what meat we had left, and had great fun with the village big-wigs.
  • He's a good man, and you'd hab great fun if you stop wid him.
  • It is great fun to watch little Miss Banks at her necromancy.

How To Use Great Fun In A Sentence?

  • It would all have been great fun if people had not been killing each other so near.
  • It was great fun to have such a friendly understanding with this very charming young man.
  • It was great fun to move to the farm, and once the girls had the scare of their lives.
  • It must be great fun to be as wet as he must be, and to know one cannot be any worse.
  • Colomba ate heartily, and made great fun of the prefect, the public prosecutor, and the soldiers.
  • You can see the person has had great fun doing it, by the way it is written, Julie.
  • The girls have great fun and solve a mystery while on an outing along the New England coast.
  • She talked of it for days to come, what great fun it would be, till Hubert felt even more guilty.
  • At once all the boys got out their skates, and during their off hours they had great fun on the lake.
  • After all, there is no great fun in putting a bullet into a creature as big as a horse at a distance of thirty or forty yards.
  • We had great fun also in watching the behaviour of our men, especially their method of capturing a wounded bird.
  • It was great fun to launch one's self into space, and come whirling down on the hay.
  • The election was great fun except for the stones and bricks, of which enough were thrown about to build a city without foundations.
  • It was great fun getting into the holland frock, more particularly when it was discovered to be too short, and also very dirty.
  • And she and Tante, as usual, had had great fun in their own rooms every night, talking everybody over when the day was done.
  • General Miles informs me that he once had great fun in the Indian Territory hunting wolves with a pack of greyhounds.
  • You know Mr. Wade has been very nice to me, and I thought he was great fun until he began to get sentimental.
  • The great fun for the people was to see him well belaboured by the saints with clubs or cudgels, and to hear him howl with pain as he limped off, maimed by the blow of some vigorous anchorite.
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