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  • And what is there of great in these?
  • Great in its simplicity.
  • You are too great in promises.
  • East was great in the character of cicerone.
  • O thou great in gifts!
  • They are moreover great in nutrition.
  • Shakespeare alone was as great in the theatre as in poetry.
  • His constancy made him great in usefulness.
  • I fancy the change is as great in myself as in either.
  • They did not seem nearly so great in the retrospect.
  • They are great in number and extensive in area.
  • Benedict was always great in the present time.
  • His success at length was great in every direction.
  • You shall be great in war and great in wealth.
  • Something great in him, but it is a dumb greatness.
  • A land great in its past and lean in its present.
  • Great in life, he was surpassingly great in death.
  • And they laughed, these ladies great in lewdness.
  • Saint-Martin is great in mathematics.
  • But Raymond was great in humorous portrayal only.
  • For genius, learning high, as great in war.
  • He shall be great in the sight of the Lord.
  • The Jew is great in his own terrible way.
  • But Murray deemed the risk too great in this instance.
  • Great in these is God, and grows not old.
  • The power of public opinion is very great in the South.
  • Plague, great, in the fifteenth century, 430.
  • If you want to be great in my Kingdom, be servant of all.
  • He will make them great in the Kingdom of Heaven.
  • As dead as all that was great in Langdon Masters.
  • Great in this faith has Caroline Chisholm laboured.
  • Tho' he was great in might.
  • Now all that heard him knew that there was no man so great in war as he.
  • Nor is the time so very remote when they were yet great in the land.
  • They were great in the fine arts and weak in the practical arts.
  • Sophocles is especially great in the delineation of ideal female characters.
  • These were motives not only powerful in force, but great in character.
  • A great artist must be great in tone as well as in interpretation.

How To Use Great In In A Sentence?

  • Because we are like the great in one respect we must not think we are like them in all.
  • His little world seems large to him and all his experiences great in their importance.
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