Greatest In A Sentence

Definition of Greatest

superlative form of great: most great

How To Use Greatest In A Sentence?

  • It has been most unfortunately sanctioned by the greatest advocates of free-agency.
  • I have always considered this as one of the greatest proofs of my poetical genius.
  • He spoke of my late uncle with the greatest irreverence, which I could easily forgive.
  • To be sure he will require science, and, if I am not mistaken, the very greatest of all sciences.
  • That is the only power that Vetch has, but, by Jove, it is the greatest of all!
  • Like all men, Lee had his faults; like all the greatest of generals, he sometimes made mistakes.
  • To seem upon occasion to slight money, Proves in the end, sometimes, the greatest gain.
  • So that, take it all together, you may perceive this is not a Place of the greatest Entertainment.
  • Discovered that the greatest lift was obtained from a plane flat in front and arched from the side.
  • Then he sat forward and watched with the greatest eagerness, and he sprang out almost before we stopped.
  • Hegel, if not the greatest philosopher, is certainly the greatest critic of philosophy who ever lived.
  • My greatest trial was going to church, because the singing was so wretchedly bad that it made my ears ache.
  • It proves nothing, except that the greatest minds may be deceived and misled by the ambiguities of language.
  • But, if so, I was wrong in telling you just now that the difficulty which was coming is the greatest of all.
  • The greatest amplitude of motion of a diaphragm is, or is wished to be, at its center, and its edge ordinarily is fixed.
  • The greatest advantage of this form of construction, however, is in the absolute freedom from cross-talk between two adjacent drops.
  • The career of its greatest hero illustrates the manner in which the loyal nation gave to posterity a victorious Union.
  • A gentleman of high rank has been missing for three weeks, or more; and his absence has given the greatest anxiety to these, his friends.
  • This individual contained eight ova varying in greatest diameter from 10.6 to 12.2 (average 11.1) mm.
  • I use any tools that I find; and one of the greatest of reformers has said that he was sometimes obliged to use bad ones.
  • At the age of eighteen Charles was obliged to take the field against the four greatest powers of the North.
  • He was one of the greatest warriors of his day (1618-1666), and his victories over the Turks were many and brilliant.
  • But what I remember with the greatest pleasure in thinking of Brussa, is the amiable family which received us so kindly.
  • Aquatic members of the herpetofauna are here considered to be those species that either spend the greatest part of their lives in the water or usually retreat to water for shelter.
  • The Greeks, on the contrary, have much curiosity, and show it with the greatest naivete, following you about, and examining all you have and do.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Greatest | Greatest Sentence

  • It will be the greatest privilege.
  • He will consider it the greatest honour.
  • Last and greatest of the mammalia are the whales.
  • And now arises the greatest difficulty of all.
  • The greatest confusion and bewilderment prevailed.
  • The greatest recompense I could bestow.
  • My greatest joy is in dreaming of the day when we shall meet again.
  • England was fighting her greatest war in Cimmerian darkness.
  • The greatest quarrels do not always rise From deepest injuries.
  • Scipio asked Hannibal to name the greatest general the world had produced.
  • Fourteen years later, he was become the greatest man in the State.
  • The War Chief could not bend, even before the greatest of potentates.
  • Thus was the honest Pope made the Dupe of the greatest of Hypocrites.
  • Our nation's greatest man, John Hunniady, rebuilt it.
  • Next to the Fleet, he represented the country's greatest war asset.

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