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  • Little enough of trees or greenery have we seen since.
  • But all of verdure and greenery that there is lies within the city walls.
  • With their leafy tide of greenery still rippling up the wind!
  • A charming greenery of old English gardens was the bowling-green.

How To Use Greenery In A Sentence?

  • In the midst of all this greenery were the residential buildings with the canteen in between.
  • She looked ruefully at the fallen forest of greenery that strewed the chapel floor.
  • The monotonous greenery made it look like the cover of an immense billiard-table.
  • It was bright with electric light, and under a cover of greenery a band played not too loudly.
  • Twice after that she returned to the edge, to search all the greenery for Grenville.
  • Even the greenery of the extensive gardens in and around Daulatabad scarcely looked cool.
  • I was glad of it, for I am country-bred and dearly do I love greenery and the sight of flowers.
  • The scent of all the greenery affected Florent, reminding him of Madame Francois.
  • The greenery and the high presences of the trees surrounded her as if they stood forth at her coming.
  • The narrower reaches were all overshadowed by the long grass until you had to part the greenery to see the water.
  • The altar is generally only a fender or railing entirely wound and concealed by greenery or blossoms.
  • Infinite air and this spare veil of spring-tide greenery on field and forest soothe their sternness.
  • In the midst of the intense greenery of this wall of mountains, they stood out with a snowy whiteness.
  • This is a phenomenon only seen in severe droughts, and when the sunlight smites through a gap in the greenery at a certain angle.
  • This part was difficult to reach because of an old fence, but a little boy might glimpse that long cavern of greenery by wading.
  • It was considerably cooler, but scarcely more fresh, since the smoke appeared to pour in even vaster volumes from the greenery below.
  • The blue uniform of an officer, the white duck trousers of a dandy, the sunshades of the ladies show amidst the greenery of the avenues.
  • It is twenty feet wide between the pillars, and forms an oval one hundred feet long and seventy wide, and when in full greenery is a lovely thing.
  • In this mass of greenery the desolate column was now completely hidden from any observer in the valley, and he believed that other crowds of fugitives would be hidden in the same manner.
  • The springing undergrowth will spread, And we shall half forget the ill, So rich the greenery overhead.
  • It was backed by gigantic and precipitous rocks, now most beautifully draped with the greenery of bush and fern, and trailed over by a thousand charming wild flowers.
  • They had reached the pond head, and on the long expanse of glowing surface the perfect reflection of the tossing greenery overhanging it lay outlined as though cut in silver.
  • Entirely differing from the Tudor ones, this is the most impressive of all the courts here, with its cloisters surrounding a quadrangle of greenery in the midst of which a fountain plays.
  • Nearer were single trees, each with its separate shadow and a stream of sunlight flooding between; and everywhere the greenery of leaves and of grass and the gold of myriad buttercups and multitudes of white daisies.
  • Peter wandered by old walled gardens in which were set wrought-iron gates that allowed the passer-by a glimpse of greenery and flowers, but prevented encroachments upon family privacy.
  • On either side of its limpid waters are broad fields, whose delicate greenery frames the sparkling line of the river, which forms a by no means impassable obstacle.
  • Birds twittered in the greenery about them, and they all felt something of the elation of a picnic when the garments were done and Quimbleton retired to a neighboring copse to make the change.

Definition of Greenery

Green foliage or verdure. | Foliage used as decoration. | (slang) Marijuana.
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