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How To Use Greenish In A Sentence?

  • Albumen is the substance which composes its body, and its blood is of a greenish tint.
  • The daffodil of the horizon has faded into scarcely perceptible pale greenish yellow.
  • To the southeast an evanescent greenish glow heralded the opening revels of the aurora borealis.
  • Liver adherent by its right lobe to the ribs; this lobe was of a greenish leaden colour.
  • In the offing, long, greenish streaks are sweeping over the surface of the sea.
  • It is of a greenish brown hue, with a blood-red stripe running longitudinally down each side.
  • A large greenish blue fly seen buzzing about in warm weather will sometimes lay its eggs on meat.
  • Balancing a large soup tureen, he ladled a thin, greenish soup into the upper plate.
  • By December 2d it had sunk to the fourth magnitude, and changed to a greenish color.
  • It is the colour of these mountains, said the Prophet, that imparts a greenish hue to the sky.
  • In front of this room is a broken ditch full of slimy greenish water, which Hadji took for my tea!
  • Under the astonished eyes of Bill Gregg he turned pale, a sickly greenish pallor.
  • There's a look in that cool, greenish eye that sheds Cupid's darts like chain armor.
  • It was pervaded by a subdued greenish sunlight, becoming misty by reason of the dust their footsteps had stirred up.
  • The greenish white growth on the top of some canned fruit and on berries left in the warm kitchen over night is also mold.
  • Now this passion burnt on his horizon, as the winter sun makes a greenish pane in the west through thinning clouds.
  • Though the water contained in them has a slimy and greenish appearance, and is well populated with frogs, it is by no means unpalatable.
  • Its bill, too, was more brown than yellow, and the orange streaks round the eyes were of a greenish hue.
  • By the greenish light of the aurora borealis, the quicksilver showed itself frozen hard in the bulb of the thermometer which hung outside the door.
  • The dorsum varies from greenish tan and pale yellowish tan to reddish brown, and some individuals are dark chocolate brown.
  • It is a greenish substance which, like aluminium hydroxide, dissolves in alkalis, forming soluble salts.
  • The mesquite lay in front of us, and it was all a sorta greenish brown account of the pretty fair rain we'd been havin'.
  • The sweet buckeye is a handsome, large tree with greenish yellow, tubular flowers and leaves of five slender, elliptical leaflets.
  • The house was surrounded by armed Szeklers, and the rear of the garden was bounded by a broad ditch filled with greenish rain-water.
  • True, he was most ably assisted in doing so by the droll quips interposed by a tall, thin man of uncertain age, dressed in a greenish summer suit.
  • Try that," said Brierley, pushing towards him a small square decanter of a faint greenish fluid.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Greenish | Greenish Sentence

  • The anthers are yellowish or greenish yellow.
  • His features stained with a greenish hue!
  • A greenish light steals over the earth.
  • Muscovy eggs run from a white to a greenish cream in color.
  • Livid: yellowish gray with a violet tinge: greenish gray.
  • Virescent or Viridescent: greenish or becoming green.
  • Sometimes a green or a greenish spotted bill will be encountered.
  • Its bark is gray and smooth, often greenish and nearly white.
  • Chlorophane: an oily, greenish yellow pigment found in insects.
  • Where the heart moulders, a greenish dust, the stake is thrust.
  • A greenish glow came from the housing that surrounded the Q-shaped gadget.
  • Instinctively Tom leaped back as he saw the greenish eyes change color.
  • Corvinus: crow-black; deep, shining black with a greenish lustre.
  • The tea was greenish black--and lukewarm.

Definition of Greenish

Somewhat green.
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