Greyhounds In A Sentence

Definition of Greyhounds

plural of greyhound | (usually with the) A greyhound racing event; the sport of greyhound racing.

How To Use Greyhounds In A Sentence?

  • It is not always necessary that the greyhounds should be of absolutely pure blood.
  • But it was noticed that the greyhounds never caught the hare which the lad started.
  • This animal outstripped some of the greyhounds in speed, and quickly overtook the deer.
  • The true way to kill wolves, however, is to hunt them with greyhounds on the great plains.
  • Through the dim light she could see the scrawny greyhounds pulling at their leashes as she fumbled at the wire-mesh door.
  • The coursing, moreover, spoilt his fields, as the riders with their greyhounds uprooted and trampled on the seed.
  • The greyhounds of an officer followed a hare, on one occasion, into their lines, and they very politely returned them.
  • He rose on his hind-legs like a wrestler as they came at him, the greyhounds also rising and bouncing up and down like rubber balls.
  • In another moment over all three tumbled, while the greyhounds and one or two of the track-hounds jumped in to take part in the killing.
  • These greyhounds were trained to the throat-hold, and did their own killing in fine style; usually six or eight were slipped together.
  • Now blesse me heaven, one of the Greyhounds turn'd into a woman, the other into a boy!
  • The greyhounds jumped over and for a moment lost sight of me, for I had turned and run down near the side of the fence.
  • Snatchet, too, Horace promised, should be housed in a warm kennel with the greyhounds and blooded pups.
  • One night after he had gone to bed he found that he had been changed into a hare, and to his dismay and horror he saw a couple of greyhounds slipped upon him.
  • When the wolf was started the greyhounds were sure to overtake it in a mile or two; they would then bring it to a halt and stand around it in a ring until the fighting dog came up.
  • Yet during the voyage he was visited now and again by misgivings, as he had heard that even the strong rooms of Atlantic greyhounds have not always been burglar-proof.
  • Once or twice a wolf was caught, and held by two greyhounds until the horsemen came up but it took at least five dogs to overcome and slay unaided a big timber wolf.
  • Nowadays the ranchmen of the cattle country not only use their greyhounds after the jack-rabbit, but also after every other kind of game animal to be found there, the antelope and coyote being especial favorites.

Short & Simple Example Sentence For Greyhounds | Greyhounds Sentence

  • These they hunt with greyhounds or with trained hawks.
  • Why are greyhounds still petted by ladies?
  • Two white-breasted greyhounds bounded before his steed.
  • Nebula in the Greyhounds 82 25.
  • For supporters two greyhounds argent, collared azure, chained or.
  • Those long stretching lines of the Downs are greyhounds in full career.
  • I see you stand like greyhounds in the slips, Straining upon the start.
  • Near the Punta della Motta lie the destroyers, like greyhounds held in leash.
  • Colonel Williams' greyhounds have performed many noble feats in wolf-hunting.

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